Home of the university in Japan: worth knowing and special features

Studying abroad offers variety to many students and also makes for an excellent CV. Exotic countries like Japan are highly regarded by many students.

Immersing yourself in another culture allows you to develop your personality, even in professional and linguistic terms. But what exactly can students in Japan expect as a university venue, and how easy is it to complete a semester abroad here?

Experience Japan for a semester abroad

If you want to discover the multifaceted country of Japan, you will have the best opportunity to do so during your studies. Some German universities collaborate with universities in the Far East and are happy with the scientific exchange. A few small changes are obviously needed to finance the flight and accommodation during the semester. A scholarship or collaboration with a specialized institution for the promotion of German students abroad are alternatives here.

Studying in Japan is not comparable to a semester abroad in a neighboring German country. Many universities are located in the largest cities of the country, which with millions of inhabitants characterize a completely different study climate. This is even more true of Japan’s lifestyle and infrastructure, so that housing and the organization of daily life have to be rethought.

For whom is the university location interesting?

Gaining first-hand experience in Japan is attractive to all students wishing to complete a degree in Japan in Germany. Due to the interest in Japanese culture and language, a stay in the country offers the best conditions for gaining practical experience.

This is all the more true if a subsequent stay in Japan is planned and the job search is oriented towards this. This begins with the certified translation of personal documents by a Japanese translation agency.

Otherwise, Japan is known as a university for its technical faculties. From IT to electrical engineering, the state doesn’t just regularly set trends in the industry with its large corporations. With the appropriate talent and know-how in the technical field of study, a stay in Japan becomes an exciting basis for exchanging knowledge and making contacts after graduation.

Peculiarities in the planning of studies

In this country, Japan is best known for pop culture and anime. Many students will also have developed an interest in this country due to their preferences for Japanese manga or movies and are therefore considering a semester abroad in Japan. To master daily life on the spot, you need to consider some special features.

This mainly applies to the Japanese language. English should be understood almost everywhere on campus, but the world language is rarely encountered in everyday Japanese. A basic knowledge of Japanese is required to orient yourself in the country. Furthermore, every student should be prepared for the busy life of real big cities like Tokyo or Kyoto. The charm is not comparable to any study location in Germany and can mean additional stress, especially in the first few weeks.

From campus to Japanese life

Before planning a semester abroad in Japan, students should think carefully about how intensely they would like to experience Japan as a travel destination. Those who primarily wish to stay in the classroom and seek professional exchange will find it easier to get along on the other side of the world.

In all other cases, it is important to know the most important Japanese phrases and always carry all the documents on your body that make life and everyday life easier.

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