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Forbid lessons in English

Prof. dr. Dr Geertje ten Dam, Rector Magnificus of the University of Amsterdam, thinks too many foreign students come to the Netherlands. As a result, the Dutch are displaced. Furthermore, the quality of education is declining. He hopes to find understanding for this from Minister Robbert Dijkgraaf. He told EenVandaag on Tuesday evening (he has been watching here since 20.25).

The University of Amsterdam, where I received my academic training. I have therefore spent a large part of my professional life promoting international cooperation in higher education. The exchange of teachers and students was an important part of this.

It was a good idea because – we said – Dutch higher education could only maintain its level if it were part of a worldwide international network. That is why it was necessary to be open to students from abroad. We stressed that they would return home satisfied and then become informal ambassadors of Dutch products and services.

Apparently it is now viewed differently. This is no longer the case. I am happy to take the rector of my alma mater by the hand and to give the advice that seems to interest you. Create obligations if you are an alumnus, also a member of the alumni association. You can’t leave a woman this cold. I know of a solution that is as clear as it is simple.

Since the turn of the century, Dutch universities have increasingly resorted to replacing Dutch as the language of instruction with English in all types of study programs, at least as far as teachers are concerned.

Just ban teaching in English. From now on, everything must be in standard Dutch. Frisian can only be used for the Fryske Akademy and the Leeuwarden branch of Groninger University. By the way, also on HBO in Heitelân. In the name of Gysbert Japicx, let’s not forget that. Foreign students and teachers are only admitted if they have first learned enough Dutch, preferably in their own country, to be able to follow a conversation on an academic level. And if they want to come to Friesland, also Frisian.

We insert it overnight. All those unwanted foreign students are suddenly faced with incomprehensible teachers. Publishing official information about the university in languages ​​other than Dutch is punishable by law. They go around lost. Everything screams at you, so to speak: pack your bags and disappear.

You’re halfway through your studies, a real shame then. One effect will be that virtually all foreign students actually interrupt their education and spread the bad news at home. Thus they become, so to speak, anti-ambassadors of the Netherlands. They warn everyone everywhere to stay absolutely away from the Netherlands. “Don’t come. We don’t know what’s going on in those kids’ heads, but it has become a country that hates foreigners from cheering.”

A cheering country that hates foreigners. This is less and less far from the truth. That starts knocking like a bus.

Supplement 1: EU member states must treat each other’s students as those from their own country. They simply pay Dutch university fees. If they come from countries outside the EU, their education is not co-financed by the government. They have to reimburse all the costs of their training themselves and are therefore not borne by the Dutch taxpayer.

Supplement 2: Interstedelijk Studentenoverleg (ISO) does not share the point of view of Geertje ten Dam, as shown by the official positions on internationalization. The ISO therefore also represents the interests of foreign students in the Netherlands.

For the rest, I am of the opinion that the subsidy scandal should not disappear from public attention, and neither should the Groningen natural gas affair.

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