Legislative proposal: to become a teacher in six months

Illustration: Lotte Verheul

You can become a teacher with a year and a half of extra training. This path to education is currently still an “experiment”, but the cabinet wants to enshrine it in law and make it slightly more accessible.

How can we get more young people to take an interest in education was one of the questions as the shortage of teachers started to increase. Maybe it should have been easier to finish in front of the class.

As a result, the ‘educational minor’ was launched in universities in 2009: during graduation, students could take educational courses for six months, after which they could teach at the mavo and in the lower years of havo and vwo.

After graduation
But some students weren’t expecting this during their studies. The question was asked why you could not take that minor after your education. That is why the “educational module” has existed since 2016. In fact the same as for a minor, but after graduation. 187 students enrolled in 2021, writes the minister.

Officially, it is now an experiment and will end on July 1, 2022. So these modules would suddenly no longer lead to a teaching certificate. That is why the cabinet wants to incorporate the education module into the law. It actually happens too late. The government expects the bill to take effect more than a year later. But there is a sleeve for it.

The bill is now available online for consultation. Anyone can comment on it. The idea is that the laws will improve if outsiders and the people involved can criticize them before the bill goes to the House of Representatives. The cabinet wants to solve some practical problems right away.

There is currently a list of suitable preparatory courses. After a history degree one can become a history teacher with such an educational module, and it is clear for other school subjects as well. But what about a less obvious previous education? Can you become a computer teacher with just an artificial intelligence degree or can you also teach math? In this bill, universities have the freedom to carry out such an assessment.

Something is also changing for higher vocational education. Anyone who has pursued a ‘subject’ degree can currently become an accelerated teacher through a one-year ‘preparatory course’. Students now receive an extra year of student funding for it. This right is extended in the new law.

Because that’s the problem. Some students need a slightly longer initial education, but then have not received a scholarship. This is about to change: they will also get an extra year of fed up.

How do you become a teacher?

– Primary school teacher training (pabo). It lasts four years full time. Teaching qualification for all primary school classes.
– Second level teacher training. It lasts four years full time. Teaching qualification for vmbo, vocational and adult education and lower havo / vwo. It can also be followed at an accelerated pace with a degree from a related HBO or WO program.
– First grade teacher training. Like a three-year part-time course (i.e. next to your job) after a second grade teacher training course. Competence for all classes of secondary, vocational and adult education.

– First grade teacher training. This is a one-year follow-up course after a related master’s. Or as a two-year postgraduate educational master’s program. Competence for all classes of secondary, vocational and adult education.
– Educational minor. It lasts six months full time, to be followed in the second part of the three-year degree phase. The content must be related to the school subject. Teaching qualification for mavo (vmbo-theoretical learning path) and lower classes of havo / vwo.
– Educational module. Like the minor, but then after the bachelor or the teacher. Bachelor’s degree to be achieved within six months.

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