Marienhaus Klinikum Bendorf-Neuwied-Waldbreitbach offers scholarships for medical students

Message dated 08/03/2022

With 8,000 euros per year, the Marienhaus Klinikum Bendorf-Neuwied-Waldbreitbach supports young people in their medical studies in Hungary, Bulgaria or online and in this way wants to tie tomorrow’s talents to the hospital.

With a new scholarship program, Marienhaus Klinikum Bendorf-Neuwied-Waldbreitbach offers young people from the region the opportunity to study medicine abroad or online. Photo: logo

Waldbreitbach. Nothing but A on the baccalaureate, otherwise studying medicine in Germany is often far away for young people. Not everyone who dreams of a future as a doctor can do so, even if he or she still has what it takes for such a future. These young talents have the opportunity to start studying medicine at foreign universities or online. “But you have to be able to afford tuition fees,” says Dr. Andreas Tecklenburg, managing director of Marienhaus Kliniken GmbH. “This is where our new scholarship program comes into play and we support young people in realizing their dreams.”

15 students from Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland will each receive 8,000 euros per year for six years to cover up to 100 percent of the costs at the University of Pécs in Hungary, in Plovdiv in Bulgaria or at the EDU online university. Applications are possible from now until April 15 via the website

High school graduates living in the region around the Marienhaus Klinikum Bendorf-Neuwied-Waldbreitbach have a good chance. Andreas Tecklenburg explains the idea behind the concept: “Our hospitals mainly look after people in rural regions in a competent and familiar way. For those who have roots here, that is family and friends, our clinic is ideal for starting a career after studying medicine “. With the scholarship, students not only have the promise of a loan of up to 48,000 euros, but also a three-year fixed-term employment contract for specialist training in their country of origin after passing the exam.

Another plus point: the Marienhaus Klinikum Bendorf-Neuwied-Waldbreitbach offers each fellow a personal mentor to whom they can turn at any time throughout their studies – in case of problems, questions on the subject or how to organize their studies . In an annual summer camp in Germany, the young people get to know each other and establish their first networks as doctors and within the Marienhaus Group.

To start their studies with a scholarship, the first step is for schoolchildren to apply for funding by mid-April via Anyone who has been accepted after the interview can start the application process at the respective university in the second step. Being quick is especially useful when studying in Pécs: the application deadline for this year is May 31st. (PM)

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