Medical Scholarship: This is how Attendorn attracts the doctor of the future

In the long run, medical care at Attendor will depend on how many young doctors want to work here. A scholarship should attract.

The city of Attendorn wants to make it appealing to young aspiring doctors who will one day settle professionally in the Hanseatic city or don’t turn their backs on Attendorn in the first place. Because in the coming years, many medical specialists will also retire here and enormous efforts are needed, especially in rural areas, to find the young people who are urgently needed. Treasurer Klaus Hesener then describes the attempt to secure long-term medical care by awarding own, i.e. municipal, medical scholarships as one piece of the puzzle.

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The simple and understandable idea: the city grants young people studying human medicine a monthly subsidy of 500 euros for up to six years. In return, students undertake to work as a doctor in the city of Attendorn after obtaining their license to practice medicine – for at least five years – or to complete their further training as a specialist here. A corresponding guideline, regulating all the details, has already been unanimously approved by politicians in the relevant committee – and with great praise for the municipal initiative. The guideline must now be approved by the city council, but this is considered a formality.

Pospischil knows how to be strong

“We see a great opportunity here to connect medical professionals to our city,” said Mayor Christian Pospischil (SPD). Knowing very well that “we will need resistance. Because it is well known that it takes several years before a doctor can work ». In Germany alone, the standard study period for medical studies is twelve semesters and three months, followed by a clinical part ending with one year practice and the second state exam. In many cases, this is followed by specialist training.

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Put simply, this means that if funding for the aforementioned medical scholarship is first awarded for the 2022/23 winter semester, it will take many years before the “full” doctor can take off in Attendorn. “But for us it’s worth it,” the mayor clarified. There was praise from politicians. Wolfgang Teipel (CDU) spoke of “money well spent”. And Kevin Risch (SPD) pointed out: “This measure will give us a significant localized advantage.” Especially since there are hardly any municipalities of the size of the Hanseatic city that award such scholarships. As a rule, larger districts such as the Märkisch district or the Hochsauerland district create such offers. Despite the UWG’s vehement efforts, the Olpe district has not yet managed to do so.

Specific clientele in mind

In view of the grant financed by the municipal treasury (ie the monthly subsidy), Klaus Hesener spoke of a “practical approach” and of “a specific clientele we have in mind”. profession has shown that although there is a high potential for possible medical students, they do not get a regular university place in Germany due to the NC problem, among other things, and therefore want to study abroad or at a private university. But not everyone can afford it. This is where the Attendorn Scholarship comes in. It is also important that the scholar completes his practical year in the Hanseatic city to establish contacts, network and become familiar with the city.

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Hesener added: “It is important to us that fellows receive close and personal support from our medical profession from the start. And I’m confident we can win them over based on their beliefs – and they don’t come to Attendorn because of the money. ”That’s why the city is in close contact with Helios, even when it comes to guideline design – Clinical and resident doctors. The city would like to award the first scholarship at the beginning of the winter semester.

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