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Scholarship for educationAfraid of making the wrong study choice? Do you want to change studies or have you already abandoned your studies because your studies were not quite what you expected? Don’t worry, says Xandra Koops, Inspiration Engine study choices coach: even a “wrong” study choice can be very useful for you. You will discover new possibilities at the Noordoost Education Fair, October 1st and 2nd in Zwolle.

Xandra Koops is a part-time teacher at an MBO and one of the study choice coaches you can meet at Education Fair Noordoost. Xandra helps you in the Zwolle exhibition area during a 15 minute “quick date” in a 1-on-1 conversation on the way to the right choice. In her daily life, she has been guiding young people for years in tailor-made (longer) sessions with her company ‘Inspiratiemotor’ ( She also holds a seminar for parents and students at the Noordoost Education Fair and has her own stand at the fair. ,, In my practice as a study choice coach, I regularly receive questions from students, but also from parents of students who are looking for a new study program after an interrupted study. “Xandra would like to blur the concept of” wrong “study choice. . Because:

You are still developing

We expect students to make a choice of profile at a young age and (usually based on that) a choice of study. But teenagers and winds are still growing. Maybe when you were 17 you just wanted to be a professional footballer, surgeon or artist, and a year later you have completely different interests. Or a new group of friends who suddenly make you look at life differently or more consciously. And maybe that’s why you find that your current education doesn’t suit you as well as you thought a year ago. Xandra believes that we shouldn’t be too frantic for this: ,, To illustrate: in my practice I also have people over 30 who still want to change careers;[QuindiquestesonopersonechehannolavoratoperuncertonumerodianniEricordachemoltidipendentipiùanzianisospirano:’Sepotessirifaretuttodacapoallora”Inbreve:segliadultipossonofareuncambiodicarrierapuoisicuramentefareuncambiodistudioIneffettipuoifareuncambiamentoinqualsiasimomentodellatuavita”[datzijndusmensendiealeenaantaljarenwerkenEnbedenkdatveelouderewerknemersverzuchten:’Alsikhetnogeenkeermochtoverdoendan”Kortom:alsvolwasseneneencarrièreswitchkunnenmakenkunjijzékereenstudieswitchmakenSterkernog:jekuntopelkmomentinjelevennogeenswitchmaken”[quindiquestesonopersonechehannolavoratoperuncertonumerodianniEricordachemoltidipendentipiùanzianisospirano:’Sepotessirifaretuttodacapoallora”Inbreve:segliadultipossonofareuncambiodicarrierapuoisicuramentefareuncambiodistudioIneffettipuoifareuncambiamentoinqualsiasimomentodellatuavita”[datzijndusmensendiealeenaantaljarenwerkenEnbedenkdatveelouderewerknemersverzuchten:‘Alsikhetnogeenkeermochtoverdoendan…’’Kortom:alsvolwasseneneencarrièreswitchkunnenmakenkunjijzékereenstudieswitchmakenSterkernog:jekuntopelkmomentinjelevennogeenswitchmaken’’


Analyze, find out for yourself why it didn’t work out or if that workout wasn’t what you hoped for

Xandra Koops

It brings you closer to hitting training

There can be many reasons why your first workout was disappointing in practice. Maybe you don’t like the curriculum culture (for example, there are many “left types” around, while you think more right or vice versa), the level is too high or too low for your liking, or you like them you don’t like teaching methods (many in groups or a lot of self-learning). Xandra claims to see the positive in “failure”. “You learn something from everything, so everything you do or have done is valuable. If you have found that you are having difficulty studying alone, it is therefore best to choose a study program where there are more indications. “

What is needed in case of premature dropout: ,, Analyze, find out for yourself why it did not work or that the curriculum was not what you hoped for. ‘ who does not judge quickly, but asks the right questions.

What is a (half) year in a human life?

Find out in a few weeks that your current studio is making you miserable? Find out why things went wrong and look around, for example via Training Comparer. Bring your first study experience with you, because you know better what to pay attention to now. And maybe you can even change within the same educational institution. Especially if you have the idea that you are in the right place in that city and place, but that the content of the training was not quite right. Sometimes you can also transfer (part of) your credits to your next study program and you can start your next study program in February instead of September next year. So your study change will only “cost” you six months instead of a full academic year. Xandra Koops points out a danger of that road: ,, Within an educational institution, the culture can also differ according to the curriculum, I know from experience. So if you just move on to the next degree course, it can also be disappointing ”. What applies: If you make the wrong choice, you may be studying for an extra year, but how bad is that? Maybe you really enjoy the student life, and there’s nothing wrong with that. ‘Soon’ you will be able to work for more than forty years …

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Discover yourself on a gap year

,, If you still don’t know exactly what you want, a gap year can be a great solution, ” Xandra says. ,, Provided that you work on yourself and your next study choice during the gap year. It doesn’t have to be weekly, but I have students in my practice, for example, who take a gap year and meet with me once a month. “

A gap year can be very cathartic. Xandra: ,, When you travel or work, you learn a lot about yourself, you gain different experiences and you become more independent. Also, you are one year older and more mature when you choose again. In my practice I also receive students who go to work and save for a year and in the meantime are busy choosing a study “.

Want to find out more about a gap year? At Education Fair Noordoost you will find information about the possibilities at various stands.

Get over your guilt and look ahead

Leaving school can be very drastic, Xandra knows. ,, For many students, ‘stopping their studies’ is the first time they feel they have failed. This is also the reason why it is good to take the time to process it and not immediately jump to the next study ”. This trend exists because we were raised with the idea that we should be useful. ,, Sometimes you see a kind of panic: I am not allowed to walk around ‘freely’. Many students are very loyal to their parents, “Xandra said.” They don’t want to let their parents down and they get that feeling of disappointment when they drop out early. Especially if your parents pay for your education, or if you feel pressure from school. your student debt “.

Parental pressure cannot be underestimated. Xandra: ,, The idea of ​​”what you started, you will also finish” is very much alive among many parents. I am also of the opinion that as a student you need to have perseverance – no study is 100 percent done for you, there will always be aspects in it that you don’t find interesting – but if you feel you are not in the right place at all, you need to do something with that. . Discuss why it failed, what you learned from it, and what you can do to avoid the same “mistakes”. And then look ahead ».


Go to an education fair, talk to students and teachers, and write down what you do or don’t want

Xandra Koops

Go find out, go live it

There are several ways to look forward to your next study choice. Don’t get stuck behind your computer, Xandra advises. Clicking on an online course that looks nice to you will be forgotten tomorrow. It’s best to meet people and enjoy the ‘live’ training. Xandra: ,, Go to an education fair, talk to students and teachers and write what you want or don’t want. One of the things I do with my students is to take the Keuzegids sheet. The Keuzegids is available for all levels, namely MBO, HBO and college. On the back you will find an overview with all the courses of your level. Erase all the paths with a red marker that you definitely don’t want to do. For example, if you certainly don’t want to do something in Defense or something with math, cross them out. With green you indicate the courses you like and with orange you indicate which courses you might find interesting, but about which you know too little. First you’ll start with those orange courses. This way you discover new possibilities, courses that you probably hadn’t thought of before. In practice it really works, I noticed. Or, as one student literally put it after following these steps: ‘Without this trajectory, I would never have gotten to the training I have discovered now!’

Noordoost Education Fair, 1 and 2 October in the IJsselhallen Zwolle

Over 80 educational institutions (MBO, HBO and universities) and apprenticeship companies offer information and inspiration at the Noordoost Education Fair. The scholarship is intended for students (and their parents) who are focusing on a course or a gap year.

At the fair you can go on a “quick appointment” with a consultant to choose the studio, and with a personal map you can search specifically for courses at your level. Everyone can register for free (in one minute) at Noordoost Education Fair. Upon registration, you will receive a time slot for an arrival time slot of an hour and a half.

Northeast Education Scholarship
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Opening time:
Friday 1 October 2021 open from 09:00 to 17:00

Saturday 2 October 2021 open from 09:00 to 17:00

IJsselhallen Zwolle, located directly on the A28, has 3,000 free parking spaces. You can also register for the fair, via

View the crown rules for Noordoost Education Fair here.

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