Studying with a scholarship from the Böckler Foundation

Anyone who is involved in trade unions and society and wants to study but has no money can apply for a scholarship from the Hans Böckler Foundation (HBS) trade union. While other study funding agencies often operate “elite promotions” – with scholarships for “best results”, which usually come from financially better positioned academic families anyway, HBS stands for equal opportunity.

Who is sponsored?

In addition to studying and doing a PhD at universities and technical institutes, HBS also encourages students to catch up on their Abitur in the second educational path. And above all: it’s not just the votes that count. The trade union and social commitment of the candidates is a fundamental requirement. In addition, the HBS awards scholarships to socially disadvantaged people, politely disadvantaged families and migrants who hardly have a chance elsewhere.

The application for a scholarship for the secondary school diploma for the second course of study, degree or doctorate is made exclusively through the online application portal.

application deadlines

  • 1 August for the following summer semester – the online application portal is open from 15 May to 1 August.
  • February 1st for the next winter semester – the online application portal is open from November 19th to February 1st.

For IG Metall members, a letter of reference from the district office or management is a prerequisite for a scholarship. To receive a recommendation based on their social or trade union commitment, interested members should contact their responsible office.

Metalworkers who apply without a recommendation from their office or district management and without providing a contact email will be identified by us in the further process. We will clarify with the responsible office whether funding for the affected member is an option.

How much does the scholarship cost?

  • Maturity: The second way of education is usually funded by a parent-independent BAföG, however, in the case of evening school only from the fourth semester (12th grade / 2nd semester). Anyone who receives the BAföG student will have this amount increased at the student rate. In addition, the HBS grants a flat-rate study fee currently of 300 euros per month. Those who are not eligible for the BAföG due to age can receive a full scholarship from the HBS.
  • Education: Students receive 649 euros per month for living expenses. In addition, there is a flat fee of 300 euros for study expenses, in some cases even subsidies for health and nursing insurance.
  • Promotion: The scholarship amounts to 1350 euros per month as a basic scholarship plus 100 euros for research expenses. In addition, a family allowance of € 155, a family allowance of € 155 for the first child, a family allowance of € 50 for each additional child and a health insurance subsidy of up to € 100 can be paid.
In addition to money, HBS also offers a broad support network: specialist lectures, liaison teachers, former fellows as tutors – and fellowship groups in many universities nationwide. This unique support is possible because HBS has not only federal funds, but also own funds: unlike employers, union supervisory board members pay their bonuses – to HBS. In this way participation promotes education.

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