These places around the world are looking for new residents, for a fee

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Holidays are all good … But how about a permanent change of scenery? Thanks to the home office, video conferencing and the like, some people can work from anywhere and are therefore free to choose where to live. Some places and regions that are struggling with population decline, for example, want to take advantage of this development and offer money specifically to digital nomads, but also to families and other newcomers if they settle there.

We present to you several towns and villages in the United States, Spain and Italy that promise a moving reward.

USA: Several states attract new citizens with money

You can work from anywhere, so why not move away from the office with your home office? Several cities in the United States have launched special programs for remote workers, some of which are even called “Zoom Towns” by video calling software.

Oklahoma: The city of Tulsa promises up to $ 10,000 to new residents

The city of Tulsa is the second largest in the US state of Oklahoma. It offers an airport, several museums, a zoo – and up to US $ 10,000 (equivalent to around € 8500) if you decide to move. The Tulsa Remote program is designed specifically for digital nomads, promising them desk space, networking events, and the aforementioned cash injection, in a lump sum or as a salary for several months.

The skyline of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Do you still find it difficult to set up tents in Germany? By the way, Tulsa is also home to one of America’s largest Oktoberfest festivals …

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Bemidji in Minnesota offers you a new home and pays for the move

Bemidji may be familiar to fans of the Fargo TV series. Otherwise, the small Minnesota town of nearly 14,000 inhabitants probably isn’t on anyone’s radar screen in this country. The “218 Relocate” program aims to change that: it promises a new home, especially for people who work from home.

Transfer costs of up to US $ 2,500 (approximately € 2,100) are reimbursed and a one-year membership to the “LaunchPad” co-working space is also included. To ensure that the work-life balance is correct, newcomers are also included in a program that specifically supports them in making private contacts.