Uwe Timm receives the Hamburg Lessing Prize

Culture Senator Dr. Carsten Brosda will deliver both awards on January 23, 2022 during the Lessing Days at the Thalia Theater. The jury included Dr. Jan Bürger (Marbach German Literature Archive), Anne-Dore Krohn (RBB literary critic), Maike Schiller (director of the feuilleton Hamburger Abendblatt), Selma Wels (literature organizer of the “Wir sind hier” festival) and Professor Robert Zepf ( director of the State and University Library Carl von Ossietzky). ) at.

Dr Carsten Brosda, Senator for Culture and Media: “Writer Uwe Timm is a memory worker. Always political, always tracing the course of time, his books illustrate humanism and historical consciousness. The fact that his hometown of Hamburg is now honoring him with his most important literary prize is a recognition of the great literary work of one of the most important authors of contemporary German-language literature.

Birgit Weyhe works artistically at the highest level. In her graphic novels she finds the answers to the questions that are currently affecting our society: ‘race, class and gender’. In their respective art forms, Uwe Timm and Birgit Weyhe do more than justice to Lessing’s Enlightenment ideal. I congratulate the award winners for their well-deserved awards. “

In the Reasons for the Lessing Award says: “For decades, Uwe Timm has proven that it doesn’t have to be a contradiction to be a widely read writer and at the same time follow the highest intellectual standards. His great novels like” Headhunter “,” Rot “and” Ikarien “combine with his moving autobiographical books to create a unique chronicle of modernity. In an ever surprising way, Uwe Timm tells of wars and social upheavals, of utopias and technical innovations but also of personal and political failures, of passions, loves and betrayals. author sweetens nothing and at the same time insists on the principle of hope.Last but not least, this links him to Gotthold Ephraim Lessing.

Uwe Tim was born in Hamburg in 1940 and lives between Munich and Berlin. He is a member of the PEN, the Berlin Academy of Arts and the Hamburg Free Academy of Arts. His books are published by Verlag Kiepenheuer & Witsch, including “Hot Summer” (1974), “Morenga” (1978), “The Snake Tree” (1986), “The Discovery of the Currywurst” (1993), “Red “(2001),” The example of my brother “(2003),” The friend and the stranger “(2005),” Penumbrae “(2008),” Vogelweide “(2013) and” Ikarien “(2017). In 2020 his volume “The Crazy Man in the Dunes” was published, a reflection on utopia and literature. His works have been translated into numerous languages. He has received numerous awards, the most recent in 2018 with the Schiller Prize of the City of Mannheim and the Cross of Merit, 1st class. In 2021 he received the “Pro meritis scientiae et litterarum” award from the Free State of Bavaria.

Less scholarship

In the Motivation for the Lessing Scholarship writes the jury: “Birgit Weyhe’s visual stories have a strong narrative power, she is one of the promoters of a new generation of self-confident illustrators who rely on the impressive combination of text and image. In her comics and graphic novels she tackles the theme of memory visually and textually. Based on the story of his grandparents, “In Heaven’s Fair” opens up a panorama of the aberrations and wounds of a family in the 20th century. “Madgermanes” is a documentary drawn on Mozambican contract workers who came to the socialist brother country of the GDR. “

Birgit Weyhe was born in Munich in 1969. She spent her childhood and youth in Uganda and Kenya and returned to Europe after graduating from high school. She completed her studies in German and history in 1997, devoted herself to art and studied illustration at the HAW in Hamburg. For his comic ‘Madgermanes’, published in 2016, he received the Comic Book Prize from the Berthold Leibinger Foundation and the Max and Moritz Prize from the International Comic Salon in Erlangen. In 2022 his new comic “Rude Girl”, which deals with cultural appropriation, will be published by avant-verlag.

Lessing Award

The Lessing Prize of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, endowed with 10,000 euros, is one of the most traditional cultural prizes and was established by the Senate in 1929 on the occasion of Gotthold Ephraim Lessing’s 200th birthday. It is awarded every four years. In addition, the Lessing Prize scholarship, worth € 5,000, is awarded to authors from Hamburg. The victors should feel committed to the maxims of the Enlightenment in Lessing’s sense and express them in their intellectual work. Winners included Hans Henny Jahnn, Hannah Arendt, Peter Weiss, Walter Jens, Max Horkheimer, Jean Améry, Alexander Kluge, Jan Philipp Reemtsma and Karl Schlögel. In 2017 the Lessing Prize went to the philosopher Juliane Rebentisch and the scholarship to the author Nino Haratischwili.

Senator for Culture Dr. Carsten Brosda will deliver both awards on January 23, 2022 at 11:00 during the Lessingtage at the Thalia Theater. Free tickets for the awards ceremony are available at the Thalia Theater (https://www.thalia-theater.de) available.

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