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What is a travel bag?

With the VLIR-UOS Travel Bags The University of Ghent wants to give the opportunity to students to gain experience in the field in the South of the world in an academic context, thus increasing awareness of development problems in a globalized world.

A travel grant is a economic remuneration minimum € 820 and maximum € 1500 for students (students of Belgian nationality or citizens of a member state of the European Union or of a member state of the European Free Trade Association (Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland)) enrolled at the University of Ghent for a study trip individual naaRA Southern country of the world† Only these 32 countries are eligible. The study trip is part of recognized teaching, such as an internship or a master’s thesis.

Your study at the University of Ghent is not part of a European exchange program and / or is not funded by a European scholarship.
You have never received a VLIR-UOS travel bag before.

The exchange (min. 28 days) for internship / research it concerns a stay abroad as part of a course that you AJ 2022-2023 curriculum recognized is becoming. So the trade will start (in most cases) after 09/01/2022.

The University of Ghent is responsible for the selection and management of the scholarshipneither for the organization of a consultancy course. VLIRUOS finances the scholarships.

The size of the grant depends on the distance between the sending institution and the receiving institution. You can read the calculation method in the call.

the call VLIR-UOS Travel Bags is – in addition to various other types of grants – included in the call Scholarships for exchange outside the Erasmus area – Academic year 2022-2023The same portfolio must be submitted for all these types of scholarships. For mobility in the field of development cooperation (VLIR-UOS Travel Grant) 2 mandatory extra questions presented.

Scholarship selection is a competitive selection process.
Read the guidelines carefully – deadline is March 3, 2022 at 12:00 (Brussels time)
Departure after granting the scholarship is always subject to CORONA measures.

If you have received good news after selecting UGent, you still need to organize a number of things before you can really apply for the VLIR-UOS travel bag. Below is an overview. You will receive this detailed information again by e-mail, together with the result of your selection.

  1. The University of Ghent has a collective travel assistance policy closed for students enrolled at Ghent University who in the context of university activities temporarily stay abroad. Additional insurance is recommended (private life liability insurance, baggage insurance and hospitalization insurance). More information on UGent’s collective travel assistance policy find you here.
  2. TRAVEL WISE !! Register before departure on travellersonline.diplomatie.be.
    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs collects data on your position here. In the event of a crisis, such as a natural disaster, attack or accident, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can use this information to get in touch with local compatriots and their families more quickly and offer even better assistance.
  3. You can find all kinds of practical advice for students who want to travel abroad on the Go Strange website.
  4. Two months after your return you can contact the Department of Medical Supervision for tuberculin test† You can read medical information for students here. Vaccinations should be arranged through the primary care physician or travel clinic.

Are there any other scholarship opportunities for a stay abroad?

Yup! In addition to travel grants, there are many other funding channels.

Do you have questions about the VLIR-UOS travel bag?

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