Will I also get this corona support?

The outgoing government is allocating over € 8.5 billion more to mitigate the consequences of the crown crisis on education. Students are also paid, but some more than others. Check it out for yourself.

Last year was a weird academic year, and this year it will be too. Many students have had and are suffering from the crown crisis, if only because they have lost their part-time jobs. It seems that the delay in studying is not that serious, but it is doubtful that the students have learned as much. Online education is very different from physical classes on campus.

As a sort of compensation, students will receive half of their tuition next academic year (2021-2022), which will then amount to 2,168 euros. But not all students benefit from it. We list the support measures. First the university fees, then the scholarship.

University fees

First year and second year students of teacher training courses
We can be brief on this: nothing changes for them. In any case, they only have to pay half of the university fees. And in the cabinet proposal, that won’t be half of the next academic year.

Update: the ministry has changed it. First year students will pay only 542 euros in tuition fees in the next academic year. So half of half anyway. This also applies to second year teacher education programs.

Will you get a higher professional education (ad, bachelor’s or master’s) or a university master’s this academic year and stop studying? Then you will receive three months of tuition fees or EUR 535 back. Minister Van Engelshoven introduced this support measure last year and recently extended it. The halving of university fees is therefore useless: after all, that provision will only come into force next year.

You finished your wo bachelor
Students who earn their bachelor’s degree in this academic year are not eligible for those three months of tuition fees. But when they start a master’s degree – and most of them do – they only pay half the tuition fee. If you take a gap year after graduation or if you stop studying, you will not receive anything.

Continuing education after an HBO ad or graduation
Higher education graduates are the best who continue their studies after their associate’s degree or graduation. They will receive the three-month bonus and only pay half of their tuition next year.

It is uncertain whether the switches at the university also receive the discount. They pay the institutional registration fee, which cannot exceed the legal registration fee of 2,168 euros. The institution receives € 1,084 in government compensation for each step, but is authorized to determine “if and if so what discount” it grants.

International students from countries within the European Economic Area (EEA) who pay statutory university fees receive the same 50% discount. But a student outside the EEA who owes the much higher institutional registration fee, for example ten thousand euros, will not receive five thousand euros back, but the same 1,084 euros as all other students.

Second bachelor or master
Do you already have a bachelor’s or master’s degree and are now pursuing a second or master’s degree? Then you pay the institutional fee. And then you end up in the same situation as non-EEA students: a discount, but no halving.

Retraining to care or education
A small exception: those who, after studying in another sector, retrain for assistance or education can do so at the normal rate. These students receive half of their tuition fees.

Scholarships for students

After the abolition of the scholarship in 2015, the funding of students in higher education consists only of the supplementary scholarship, the public transport student card and the loan option.

Additional contribution
If you run out of your entitlement to an additional grant between June 2020 and August 2023, you will receive an allowance of 1,500 euros. This does not formally count as an additional grant. You do not have to repay the amount if it takes more than ten years to obtain the diploma. A motion to extend that ten-year term did not go through the House of Representatives.

Public transport student card
You can travel for free on public transport for an extra year. That is, if you attended a course in the period from March to December 2020 and if you were entitled to a student travel product, loan or supplementary scholarship for at least one month.

Normally, your student travel entitlement applies for the nominal length of your study program (e.g. four years) plus one year of extension. It will now be a two-year extension. Of course only if you are still a student.

Right to borrow
The law now stipulates that students can borrow from the DUO for the duration of their “nominal” course, plus three more years. The government also believes that this period is long enough in the crown crisis.

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