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Tina Christmann studies at one of the oldest and most renowned universities in the world. A field report from Oxford

Tina Christmann thinks it contains some Harry Potter. “A cloak is part of the traditional Oxford dress, you cross the Gothic campus and anyone who comes to Oxford automatically belongs to one of the 38 colleges, similar to the four houses of Hogwarts.” old, who studied ecology and environmental planning at TU Berlin until the summer and is now doing her master’s degree in “Biodiversity, Conservation and Management” at Oxford. She is supported by a full scholarship from the Rhodes Foundation, which pays for her studies in Oxford, which cost more than 40,000 euros. “I wanted to see something different and at the same time network internationally for my topic of study, climate change. Because otherwise we can’t move anything “, says Tina Christmann.

Lectures, tutorials and fieldwork will be scheduled for his first year at Oxford, with the second year free to focus on research. And not only that: Tina Christmann was already part of the German rowing team in Berlin – now she is driving for Oxford in the legendary Boat Race against Cambridge.

For the 23-year-old, the biggest difference from studying in Germany is the close contact with the professors and the small group of young men and women she studies with. “We are 19 people, a small community of classes, and even studying here is a bit like a school.” This means: there are set times which are not very flexible, you cannot necessarily choose courses. There is also a strong networking with science: “Our professors invite researchers who inform us about their current projects and with whom we discuss,” says Tina Christmann. “And the course itself is extremely applied: we often go hiking in nature, engage in nature conservation or visit projects like a sand pit that needs to be re-naturalized.”

The student particularly appreciates the Oxford atmosphere, the atmosphere among fellow students. “There is a great culture of discussion, the people here are political, very interested and have strong opinions. There is always someone with whom you can exchange ideas, to whom you can ask about their ideas. ” All students are also very busy, engaging in sports teams or societies or clubs – 400 different groups from cooking to reading to painting, fencing or just rowing.

Social life at the university is also something special due to the union in the gothic buildings of the colleges on the campus. Tina Christmann lives in one of these in a shared flat. There is competition between houses, just like in Harry Potter. “When it’s called ‘High Table’, everyone gets together in nice clothes at a festive table,” says Tina Christmann. When asked about the British upper class and elite circles, the Oxford Scholar replies: “Of course there are. But also lots of fun athletes and nature-loving people outdoors – and above all: Oxford is very international. In my course, 14 out of 19 people come from different countries on four continents. The only thing missing is Australia ”. There is also a large German community.

Oxford is basically a small city made up of little more than the university. “Everything is around the corner – and there are really nice neighborhoods that are all very different. It’s a bit like Berlin,” says Tina Christmann. She would like to encourage students to fulfill their dream of studying at British elite universities and benefit from the tremendous quality of teaching there. “Many roads lead to Oxford. Very few people here pay the full course on their own. There are partial scholarships from a wide variety of organizations, from political foundations such as the DAAD, and colleges also have scholarships. “

The fact that she is now part of the legendary rowing team in addition to her studies is the icing on the cake for Tina Christmann. “I had already contacted the Oxford rowing team coach from Germany,” she says. “Of course, we train hard before the April 7 boat race against Cambridge. We usually go to the river at 5.45am to row, then there are training sessions in the afternoon.” his fellow students draw events for you.

In the women’s competition, Oxford has won 30 times and the Cambridge team has won 43 times. The German rower on the Oxford blue boat hopes that this quota will change slightly this year in favor of her university.

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