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“I dream in color, especially when the sky is almost level with the asphalt with at least twenty different shades of gray in autumn. At that point, at the latest, not only my inner eye desires color. Then he almost screams in explosions of color. “Do you know that too? The EXCLUSIV author Simone Sever then travels in heterogeneous spaces of art (dream).

Light and color make me happy: brightly colored nails, yellow scarves, red shoes, green bags … In times when the sun hides behind thick layers of clouds, a splash of special color is needed, because art is also art, I myself have decided to travel the world in search of illuminating artistic spaces and art installations.

Rainbow in Aarhus

In Denmark’s second largest city, Aarhus, Ólafur Elíasson has created a rainbow through which you can almost dance. On the roof of Aarhus Aros Museum of Art eclipses the art installation »Your rainbow panorama« every gray veil that covers the city. Anyone who has at some point gone through all the colors of the rainbow should definitely not miss the gigantic figure of ‘Boy’ by Australian artist Ron Mueck, who, together with the Rainbow Walk, has also become a landmark of the house.

Giulio Yls

Colored walls of the house in London

The British capital London is known for a lot of rain and little sun. Perhaps this is also a reason why the colorful murals in the Brick Lane and surroundings adorn numerous walls of the house. Names like Banksy, Roa, Stik, who are no longer known only in the street art scene, can be found almost on every corner. But please, don’t stumble out of pure amazement, because the paths aren’t always without danger. So keep your eyes peeled in every direction!

London is certainly one of the best street art cities in the world

Linda Ruck

Modern art in Beijing

There is also a colorful art scene in the 22.5 million Chinese mega-metropolis of Beijing. There is an entire district for often heterogeneous modern art, the »798 Art District«, which developed on the site of an old factory and invites you to take a colorful stroll through numerous galleries, artist studios, shops and cafes. Exhibitions, sculptures, street art … You can easily spend a whole day in 798, the Mecca of modern Chinese art, because there is something to discover around every corner.

A woman takes photos at the 798 Art District in Beijing


Polka dots in Tokyo

Those who appreciate the selective artistic worlds and recurring patterns of the Japanese avant-garde artist shouldn’t be afraid of polka dots Yayoi Kusama come in. Endless dots, yellow and black dotted pumpkins, dots on clothes, dots on walls colored like confetti … In Tokyo, the forerunner of pop art in 2017, you have it Yayoi Kusama Museum built. There are always exhibitions in Europe that feature the work of the artist, who is now over 90 years old.

Yayoi Kusama exhibition in Singapore

Linda Ruck

Colorful fog and flower dreams in Tokyo

In terms of color, Tokyo has even more to offer. Not only the huge billboards at the Shibuya intersection, which are somewhat reminiscent of “Bladerunner”, in the teamLab Planets Tokyo the world of dreams becomes reality when visitors can immerse themselves in the three-dimensional flowers of pink and soft pink orchids or wade into a haze of colors like on a distant planet. By the way, if you don’t want to fly to Japan to admire such colorful art, you can celebrate the year 2024, because that’s when the opening of the teamLab in Hamburg expected on the Elbe.

teamlab in Tokyo, Japan, colorful art installations

Chenun notes

Magical moments in Higashi Tokorozawa Park

Located in Saitama prefecture, 20 minutes west of Tokyo Higashi Tokorozawa Park. Here, too, the most famous artistic collective teamLab has come up with something: the permanent outdoor installation »Life that resounds in the forest of acorns« it is particularly enchanting in the evening, when the objects scattered around the park sparkle and also react to ambient noises and the touch of visitors.

Colorful art installations by the teamLab collective of artists in Higashi Tokorozawa park

Morumotto /

Children’s playground and glass tower in Hakone

Toshiko MacAdam is a Japanese artist who creates colorful web-like structures in crocheted and knotted nylon. A stable fun written in Japanese Hakone Open Air Museum in Hakone, south of Tokyo, it is particularly loved by children, because they can let off steam in the fun and colorful crochet playground. Makes you want to go back to preschool. But adults too will find plenty of colorful accents in the country’s first open-air art museum. For example, the »Symphonic Sculpture« by Gabriel Loire. Those who climb the tower of the French glass painter cannot get enough of the colored windows.

Symphonic sculpture at the Haken Open Air Museum

Eduardo Firman /

Dive and dive in Bordeaux

Spectacular installations await art lovers The Bassins de Lumières, a former submarine base in Bordeaux that has been transformed into a giant digital art hub. You enter directly inside the works of art projected at 360 °, which are reproduced in dim light on rough concrete, steel and water. Whether it’s Klimt, Monet, Chagall, Dalí, Hundertwasser, Van Gogh … artists change. The feeling of being immersed in world famous masterpieces feels a bit like being able to look inside the artists’ heads.

If you can’t make it to Bordeaux, but prefer to go on a discovery trip to Paris, you will find it Atelier des Lumières between Bastille and Nation in a former foundry in the 11th arrondissement.

Atelier des Lumières in Paris

Kiev.Victor /

The largest art gallery in the world in the Stockholm Metro

We know that art doesn’t always take place only in museums, ever since there was street art and sculptures, colorful murals and exciting installations can be discovered in the open air galleries. In Stockholm, art has gone underground. tunnel banana it is the local subway that was supposed to be detonated in the granite subsoil of the Swedish capital. There are 100 stations, of which 95 artistically curated, some with very intense colors. Don’t get stuck in the train, be sure to take the time to take a look around one of the largest art galleries in the world. Step by step!

Tunnelbana - Colorful metro stations in Stockholm

Dimosthenis Papamikhail

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