City investigates why many students attend schools abroad

Private schools are still in demand

In this school year, 84 children of Nettetal were enrolled in external schools. The politicians wanted to know why this is so. The result: there is no particular reason.

When the secondary school enrollment data for the 2019/2020 school year were released in May, it was noted that 84 children were not enrolled in Nettetal, but outside it. As a result, the administration was asked to determine why school politicians considered the number of commuters too high.

To get straight to the point: There is no particular reason, at least not that any Nettetal school has a bad reputation or doesn’t meet parental expectations. After questioning the parents, the administration comes to the conclusion: “Overall, the decision to attend school outside of Nettetal can hardly be influenced.” Connections with local public transport are not a reason to choose a school. There is no secondary school in Nettetal like the Dorenburg school in Grefrath. Furthermore, Nettetal will always compete with private high schools.

Very few parents would have made direct negative comments about Nettetal’s schools. Many parents would have enrolled their child in an outside school because he could not be accepted at Nettetal Middle School. In the context of school development planning, the biregio office came to the conclusion that a commuting rate like Nettetal’s is not only common, but even below average compared to other municipalities.

When it comes to enrollments in schools outside of Nettetal, the Liebfrauenschule in Mulhouse and the Johannes Kepler School are in first place, each with 30%. The sponsor of the School of Our Lady is the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady, the Christian-oriented private high school is attended by 1200 students, making it one of the largest high schools in the region. Johannes Kepler School is a middle school in Viersen-Süchteln. 19 percent of the commuters were registered at the Albertus-Magnus-Gymnasium episcopal in Viersen-Dülken. 17 percent go to the Dorenburg school in Grefrath, which is a secondary school.

It is interesting which schools were considered alternatives. And here the middle school is ahead with 40 percent, followed by the Werner-Jaeger-Gymnasium with 16 percent and the Kaldenkirchen Realschule with 3 percent. But for 41 percent there was no school in Nettetal as an alternative, for 59 percent it was.

The city sent out questionnaires to find out why parents enrolled their children in an external school. 53 parents answered. Multiple naming of motifs was possible. The way to school and the transport of pupils play a subordinate role with 7 percent. The most important reason given the most is a compelling concept of the school, followed by a good reputation. How this is measured or how it is created cannot be read by the questionnaire.

It is also important for parents that the school presentation attracted them or that they had good experiences there. It often also plays a role if the child’s friends or siblings are already attending school. Some parents choose school because of day-to-day care or choose a type of school that Nettetal does not offer. Three parents simply followed their children’s wishes. As a comment to the questionnaire, four parents said they were not accepted for their child at Nettetal Middle School. Only two parents explained that the reputation of the Werner-Jaeger-Gymnasium or the Kaldenkirchen Realschule was not good.

Unfortunately, the administration’s communication does not show how many foreign students are enrolled in Nettetal schools.

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