City with cheap beer and brewery gems

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Beer is a German cultural asset: the purity law has existed for over 500 years. It was issued in Bavaria on the exact day of April 23, 1516 – today this day is known as “German Beer Day”. Fun Fact: With over 200 breweries, the Upper Franconian administrative district has the highest concentration of breweries in the world.

But what’s really cool is where in Germany you can find the cheapest beer and the best breweries. The beer index of the vacation rental search engine “Hometogo” shows the 50 cities with the cheapest beer, the most types of beer and microbreweries. It also shows the cheapest places to stay.

  • Beer index: Beer in Germany is the cheapest here

If you are looking for a brewery, we present five brewery pearls in more detail. “AlpacaCamping” has selected the best ones that are located near a campsite, so that nothing stands in the way of the relaxed fun of beer.

  • Great breweries all over Germany close to campsites

Beer index: Beer in Germany is the cheapest here

If you are looking for the cheapest beer, you will be there Magdeburg Find it. The culturally rich city of Saxony-Anhalt attracts, among other things, with an average beer price of 1.12 euros per liter. But Magdeburg has a lot to offer in other ways too: for example buildings from the Gothic period such as Magdeburg Cathedral and fantastic tourist spots on the Elbe.

Only a little more expensive is beer Erfurt,Jena And Leipzig: There it costs an average of 1.14 euros per liter. This is probably why beer consumption is higher there. In Jena the average is 109 liters per person, in Erfurt 106 liters, in Magdeburg 100 liters and in Leipzig 84 liters.

In all the cities that follow, the price is higher than 1.20 euros. Here are the top 10:

  1. Magdeburg: 1.12 euros
  2. Erfurt, Jena and Leipzig: 1.14 euros
  3. Olpe: € 1.22
  4. Bamberg, Braunschweig: 1.25 euros
  5. Düsseldorf, Voerde: 1.26 euros
  6. Nuremberg, Pappenheim: 1.27 euros
  7. Mainz, Worms, Grünstadt: 1.29 euros
  8. Hannover, Hildesheim: 1.31 euros
  9. Munster, Marburg: 1.32 euros
  10. Berlin, Trier: 1.33 euros

Beer is expensive here, but accommodation is generally cheap

In terms of price per liter, beer is more expensive in the Bavarian cities of Unterschleissheim, Freising, Ingolstadt, Waakirchen and Munich. A liter costs on average 1.49 euros there.

Munich is one of the cities in Germany where beer is the most expensive.

However, the price in Waakirchen is put into perspective by budget accommodation. Because in the overall comparison, the city comes in second place with a price of 67.50 euros per night.

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Only holiday accommodation in Endingen am Kaiserstuhl in Baden-Württemberg is cheaper with an average of 65 euros per night. But even here the price of beer is 1.48 euros per liter. The same goes for Offenburg in Baden-Württemberg: the beer costs 1.48 euros, the holiday apartment 73.50 euros.

City with the largest number of beers and microbreweries

And who would have thought that? In Germany, not Munich, but Berlin has more to offer with 558 types of beer, followed by Hamburg (431) and Nuremberg (198), so that the Bavarian capital only comes in fourth with 172 types.

These four cities also rank in the top four for the number of microbreweries. In Berlin, 17 small companies brew hops and malt beer, eleven in Nuremberg, ten in Hamburg and nine in Munich.