“Grünewald Classics” in Solingen: great meeting of classic car enthusiasts

Event in Solingen until tonight
Great meeting of classic car friends

The “Grünewald Classics” got off to a convincing start on the third try. Vehicles ranging from small cars to luxury cars costing millions of euros were presented.

They love their hobby and others share their enthusiasm: when Robert Bröhl is out and about in his Ford Model A, people greet him with glee. So it doesn’t matter if the “Fordor Sedan Deluxe” built in Cologne in 1931 could slow down traffic, even if it “theoretically” drives 104 km / h, but more likely a maximum of 80 km / h. On Saturday, Bröhl, who himself works for Ford in the cathedral city, still had a 1954 one-wheel trailer in tow and decided at short notice to take part in the “Grünewald Classics” classic car festival.

Nearly 1000 Model A cars were produced on the Rhine, about 60 percent of which with German components. “My car is probably the only one left,” Bröhl suspects. But tens of thousands of Model A’s are still in operation around the world, not least because replacement parts are readily available in the United States. The layman simply does not recognize some of them.

Next to Robert Bröhl’s vintage car, Hitdorf’s Christian Schmitz parked his “Spielmobil”: a hot rod with a 5.7-liter Chevy engine, where only the lower frame is from a 1929 Ford. “This it’s a pure cruise car, “says Schmitz of the classic car that was converted in the US.

Ford advertised the “Fordor” with “convenience”, “comfort” and “beauty”. When Rolls-Royce and Bentley lovers meet at Burghley House in Stamford, Lincolnshire in early July, organizers talk about the “Concours d’élégance”. A little was also felt in Gräfrath. For example, in addition to a 1976 Morgan Plus 8, Wolfgang and Elke Wiegand also presented a Bentley S1 Saloon (built in 1956) and a unique piece: a 1935 Bentley coupe (3.5 liter drop head) made for film actress Phyllis Robins.

“There is only one car,” stressed the proud owner, who runs the Wiegand factory in Remscheid. That is why the customized product was parked in a special place. The car was repaired in the former garden center at Schloss Grünewald, which now offers space for events. The entrepreneur praised the castle park skyward as ideal for a classic car meeting: “It’s an enrichment. Something like that was missing.” The event at Schloss Dyck had become too big, in Gräfrath it is comfortable and “big family” – and the organization with the support program is perfect.

Music to the ears of the organizers. Birger Zimmermann was happy that the “shaking party” was over. “Grünewald Classics” has been postponed twice due to Corona requirements. “I can’t believe it,” said the organizer, looking out at the sunlit park.

There were “good weather cars” of all kinds, including the Fiat 600 of Karl-Peter and Ingrid Reiland of Düsseldorf. “A 600 was our first car,” said the 83-year-old, who returned to the start when he retired and bought the Dutch-registered Fiat from a Gronau collector for 2,500 euros. A bargain if you compare the weekend offers: there was, for example, a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud for 210,000 euros and a Horch, which is said to carry more around three million.

Many of the participants in classic car events know each other, they are organized in groups or clubs. When the Wiegands travel to England in their Bentley in the summer, friends of the Fiat 600 have already met at Walbeck Castle. “I would not have thought there would be so many classic car enthusiasts,” commented Birger Zimmermann and he hopes to see as many as possible again in the next year and to be able to welcome more.

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