“Horrible stupidity” – the medical officer strongly criticizes the suspension of compulsory education in schools

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Public health officer: suspension of mandatory “stupidity”

Lauterbach announces a “more creative” corona vaccination campaign.

Lauterbach announces a “more creative” corona vaccination campaign.

With a new campaign, the federal government wants to convince more people to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. From Tuesday there will be new posters and radio and TV commercials that are said to be “more creative” than the previous ones.

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Parents in Berlin can now decide for themselves whether their child goes to school. A medical officer is highly critical of him.


  • Corona is spreading rapidly in Berlin in the omicron variant.
  • For this reason, compulsory attendance in schools is suspended.
  • A medical officer called the measure “appalling stupidity”.

Corona in Berlin: In view of the growing number of corona infections due to the omicron variant, compulsory attendance in Berlin schools has been suspended for the time being. Parents can now decide for themselves whether their child goes to school or works and learns at home about homework and projects, Education Senator Astrid-Sabine Busse (SPD) announced Monday. This initially applies until the end of February.

Face-to-face teaching remains the “regular form”, according to a statement from the education administration. “Schools will provide all students with learning opportunities wherever possible. If the parents decide against the presence of their child in the school, the school must be informed immediately and informally in writing ”. With the decision, the education administration and the Senate are changing direction. More recently, incumbent mayor Franziska Giffey (SPD) has always stressed that she wants to keep the lectures face-to-face for as long as possible.

Senator: “We also take parental concerns and fears very seriously”

“We are on the side of the children, young people and families of this city. Therefore, we stick to our main goal of leaving schools open so that they can fulfill their important educational, educational and welfare mandate, “Senator Busse said on Monday of the new decision.” But of course we also take matters very seriously. Parental concerns and fears, “Busse continues.” After health officials announced that they would stop tracking contacts for schoolchildren and would no longer quarantine direct contact persons, I think the temporary suspension of compulsory attendance is appropriate “.

And because health authorities had initially stopped issuing certificates on coronary infections, they would now be certified temporarily using a form provided by the Senate Department of Education, Youth and Family. This can also be presented to the employer.

Franziska Giffey: Suspension of compulsory schooling due to the new situation

Giffey justified the suspension of mandatory attendance with a changed situation due to the growing number of corona infections. “The decision we made (…) is based on the statement by the official doctors of the health authorities that they can no longer understand the contact tracing in all more than 800 schools with over 300,000 students,” said the SPD politician after consultations. federal state.

“At this moment, when we have such a situation, with such a number of cases, it is important for us on the one hand to keep the school active, that there is still an offer”. worried and would like to decide whether or not to send their child to school. This is now easily possible from Tuesday.

“However, it matters to us: the schools remain open, the face-to-face offer is still the standard offer,” says Giffey. However, the suspension of the compulsory attendance is one way to meet various needs. This is a reaction to a changed situation. “This is what is expected of us. It has nothing to do with losing control. “

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Corona: the number of infected students has doubled

The number of students infected with the corona virus nearly doubled in one week. According to this, the education administration reported 13,571 infected students last Friday, up from 6911 the week before. The number of staff also nearly doubled, from 774 to 1473 cases. The number of learning groups closed due to the crown has increased from 207 to 397. This is why in the past few weeks there have been repeated requests from parents to suspend compulsory attendance.

Arnd Niedermöller, dean of the Lichtenberg Immanuel-Kant-Gymnasium and president of the Association of Senior Directors of Studies (VOB), also believes the measure is right against the backdrop of the dramatic infection process. “Even if the suspension of compulsory education for schools involves organizational difficulties, at the moment it is absolutely necessary,” he says. It shouldn’t last too long.

Paul Fresdorf, spokesman for the education policies of the parliamentary group FDP, instead defined the measure as a “declaration of bankruptcy”. “Instead of enabling safety and healthy learning, RGR is now pulling the emergency brake and, in this desolate situation, gives parents the opportunity to decide what the situation is in their respective school and whether they can support it,” he said. .

Public health officer: suspension of the obligation to attend “horrible stupidity”

The surprisingly decisive suspension of compulsory attendance for Berlin school pupils is, from the point of view of Reinickendorf medical officer Patrick Larscheid, “horrible stupidity”. “We were not involved in any way, it was a lonely decision by the senator,” Larscheid told the German news agency on Monday evening. Resistance and anger in the hygiene advisory committee, in which politicians consult with districts, public health officials and pediatricians and science about how to proceed in the crown pandemic, is “maximum.” “There is a general fear that this decision will result in a widening of the social gap between children,” Larscheid said.

Criticism also came from the Unicef ​​children’s charity. “With the decision, the policy and the administration transfer the responsibility if the children go to school entirely to the parents,” said UNICEF department head Sebastian Siedlmayr on Monday evening. “The promise to close schools last is in danger of being undermined”.

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