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Official inauguration of the Way of Hercules on May 1st

Reserve. (pm) The Hercules Trail is a 14 km circular route not far from Buchen (Odenwald). This new quality hiking trail will be officially opened on Sunday 1st May. With its reference to Roman history, it is one of six designated Roman trails in the Neckar-Odenwald district. The Odenwald is crossed by two Roman Limes complexes: the older Odenwald Limes and the younger Upper Germanic-Rhaetian Limes. They offer visitors interesting insights into the Roman era almost 2000 years ago. The Upper Germanic-Rhaetian Limes was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2005. It crosses the region in a north-south direction in the territory of the municipalities of Walldürn, Buchen, Osterburken and Adelsheim.

The inauguration on 1 May will take place in the form of a guided hike from the Forsthaus to Hettingen. The departure is at 10:00, there is a lunch break on the Lausenberg in Rinschheim. There, FSC Rinschheim entertained the group of hikers. After a total of 14 km, the tour ends at the starting point, the Hettinger Forsthaus.

Another excursion around the Limes with a guided tour of Dr. Hönehaus Wolfgang Hauck also starts at 11:00 at the Forsthaus in Hettingen. The duration is approximately one hour. Finally, at 2:00 pm, a guided hike to the sinkhole begins with Siegfried Kuhn overlooking the devil’s lairs. Here, too, interested parties can meet at the forester’s barracks in Hettingen, the duration is approximately 1 and a half hours. At the Hettinger Fire Department Equipment House, the hiking group is entertained by volunteer firefighters.

On the Path of Hercules, geological, historical and landscape places alternate. Geological highlights include the sinkhole trail and calcite stone. The former Hönehaus fort, the remains of a watchtower and a replica of the palisade are impressive stops along the path that runs along the Upper Germanic-Rhaetian Limes and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Roman trails are certified as quality trails by the German Hiking Association and offer an active and fascinating insight into the life of the Romans in the area with information boards of the Neckartal-Odenwald nature park, Roman monuments and lifts and comfortable resting benches. Other cultural attractions also intersect in one way or another.

Registrations for guided excursions on 1 May are accepted by the marketing office of the city of Buchen (Odenwald) on 06281 31 116 or

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Starting from the Forsthaus Hettingen, always follow the “R” signs. The path first leads downhill through the forest to the doline path. On the sinkhole path you have the opportunity to look at the sinkholes in the forest in the form of a small circular path. Then continue to follow the signs south through the woods. The path leads for a short distance past the fields and then to the Hegenichdoline. Then you go up to the Kreuzweg Hettingen chapel. Follow the route of the Via Crucis for a short distance, but at the edge of the wood you turn sharply to the left and immediately right again.

The circular route leads through meadows and fields to the Bubenrath chapel via Rinschheim. Continue downhill and through the village of Rinschheim. At the other end of the village, it climbs steeply again to the Lausenberg with its replica of the palisade and a nice rest area.

The Hercules path continues through fields and meadows to the hunting reserve at the edge of the wood. There you can see the stone monument and the bench of Jupiter. The last part of the route to the starting point winds along the calcite stone, two remains of the Roman watchtower and the small Hönehaus fort.

key data

Departure: Forsthaus Hettingen
Destination: Forsthaus Hettingen
Length: 14 km
Duration: about 4 hours
Difficulty level: medium
Character: quality hiking trail in Germany, circular tour

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