Russia confirms the expulsion of nearly one million people

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Of: Kim Hornickel, Tobias Utz, Teresa Toth, Lukas Zigo, Andreas Schmid, Vincent Büssow, Christian Stör, Christoph Klaucke


In the war in Ukraine, Russia takes several cities under rocket fire. But the resistance of the defenders continues. The news.

  • Missile attack on Odessa: Kiev reports for the first time attacks on the port city in the south-west of the country.
  • The Kremlin plans a new offensive: Russia should come in War in Ukraine planning a new attack on the Kherson region.
  • more intensified Conflict in Ukraine: All developments from the east of Ukraine in our newsletter.

+++ 12:45: The Russian Defense Ministry claims to have deported 951,000 Ukrainians from the territories occupied since the start of the war in Ukraine to Russia. The deportations are said to have been carried out under duress. 174,689 children are said to be among the deported people. The Kyiv Independent news portal talked about it for the first time.

According to information from Russia, these are “evacuations”. The Defense Ministry also cites “287 applications from Ukrainian citizens who want to move to Russia”. The “military operation in Ukraine”, as the war in Moscow is called, would not target the civilian population.

A Russian army soldier oversees an “evacuation” of civilians during the war in Ukraine. © Konstantin Mihalchevskiy / imago

+++ Update from April 24, 2022, 7:45 am: The Ukrainian secret services once again raise serious accusations against Russia. The Kremlin is accused of kidnapping Ukrainian civilians from several areas, including the still occupied regions of Kherson and Mariupol. The British military intelligence service reports something similar. The aim of the action is, among other things, to recruit civilians capable of fighting for the war in Ukraine. The selection would be made in the so-called filter fields. All those unfit for war would then be deported for thousands of miles.

Other war dead in Ukraine after the missile attack in Odessa

+++ 22:50: Further attacks in Luhansk in eastern Ukraine result in deaths and injuries. As reported by the Al Jazeera news channel on Saturday (April 23), the governor of the region informed of the Russian attacks. Six civilians were killed, Sergiy Gayday wrote in a telegram. According to the politician, the village had been subject to heavy shelling throughout the day.

No interruption in the war in Ukraine: President Selenskyj reports more deaths

+++ 20:50: At least five people were killed in the missile attack on the port city of Odessa, according to Ukrainian sources. Andriy Yermak, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s chief of staff, said 18 other people were also injured in the Russian attack. Two rockets hit a Ukrainian military facility and two residential buildings. Two other missiles were intercepted by Ukrainian air defenses.

War in Ukraine: missile attack in Odessa

+++ 16:50: Ukraine reports a missile attack on the port city of Odessa. According to an advisor to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, the city was attacked by at least six cruise missiles. However, the Ukrainian army was able to intercept some missiles. However, several residential buildings were destroyed in the attack. At least one person died, according to local authorities.

War in Ukraine: Russia is said to have used chemical weapons

+++ 11:17: Russia is said to be still struggling to make progress in the invasion of Ukraine. This was announced on Saturday 23 April by the British Ministry of Defense. Despite escalating attacks on the neighboring country, Russia is said to have had no significant success in the past 24 hours, either in the air or in the water. In the besieged city of Mariupol, which according to Russia is already under the control of the attackers, there is said to be continued resistance from Ukrainian fighters, who are frustrating “Russian attempts to take the city and thus the desired progress in the Donbass. continue to slow down, “as the British Defense Ministry writes.

+++ 07:25: The United States believes that Russia may have already used chemical weapons in the war in Ukraine. This was stated by Michael Carpenter, US Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation (OSCE). Russia may have used weapons to “disable Ukrainian fighters and civilians as part of its aggressive campaign to take Mariupol.” Carpenter said the OSCE is currently gathering evidence for an investigation.

Russia is probably planning a new offensive in the war in Ukraine

+++ 22:27: The general staff warns of a possible Russian offensive in the Kherson region. This was reported by the news portal The Kyiv Independent. The Russian military is currently conducting aerial reconnaissance in the region. Similar activities have also been observed in Kharkiv Oblast, near the city of Izyum.

War in Ukraine: Russia is said to have bombed a hospital in the Donetsk region

+++ 14:30: Ukrainian authorities in Donetsk accused the Russian army of having fired a missile at the local hospital in the town of Lyman. As a result of the bombing, fires broke out in the hospital itself and in neighboring residential buildings. This was reported by the news portal Kyiv Independent, referring to the Ukrainian newspaper Ukrayinska Pravda.

Plane crash in Ukraine: more victims in the war in Ukraine

+++ 13:15: At least one person died in the plane crash in Zaporizhia, Ukraine. The US broadcaster CNN reports. The plane is said to belong to Ukraine. It is not yet clear how the accident could have happened. There are unconfirmed reports that the AN-26 military plane crashed into a power pole and the engine caught fire.

War in Ukraine: focus on Donbass – Russia conquers 42 locations in Donetsk

Update from Friday 22 April, 6:15 am: According to Ukrainian sources, Russian troops occupied 42 cities in the eastern Donetsk region in 24 hours. In total, Russian units currently control more than 3,500 locations across Ukraine, Olena Simonenko told Ukrainian unit television. Russia’s progress in the Luhansk region has also been reported recently.

War in Ukraine: US supplies newly developed drones

+++ 20:30: The United States has developed a drone for the Ukrainian military, according to the Pentagon. “This was quickly developed by the Air Force specifically in response to Ukrainian requirements,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Thursday. More than 120 of the drones, dubbed the Phoenix Ghost, will be shipped to Ukraine as part of the US government’s new $ 800 million military aid pact. Kirby said minimal training is required to operate the drone. “We will clarify these training requirements directly with the Ukrainian armed forces.”

War in Ukraine: Russia expands attacks in Donbass

+++ 09:00: According to British intelligence, Russia is trying to stop the supply of arms and the movement of troops in the east of the country with attacks on cities in Ukraine. At the same time, Moscow is continuing to muster troops on Ukraine’s eastern border, according to the Defense Ministry’s situation report in London on Wednesday morning. Among other things, the logistical and technical problems of the Russian army were addressed.

War in Ukraine: the commander asks Mariupol for help

+++ 6:30: With a dramatic appeal, the Ukrainian commander of the remaining marines in the highly contested port city of Mariupol called for evacuation to a third country. “The enemy is 10 to 1 more than us,” said Serhiy Volyna, commander of the Ukrainian Navy’s 36th Brigade, in a one-minute video message posted on Facebook early Wednesday morning. “We appeal to all the leading politicians in the world to help us.” Wolyna had already sent a request for help on social networks on Tuesday.

War in Ukraine: the battle for Donbass has begun

Update from Tuesday 19 April, 6:00 am: According to reports from Kiev, the Russian army launched the expected large-scale attack in the east during the war in Ukraine. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Monday evening in a video message: “Now we can say that Russian troops have started the battle for the Donbass, for which they have been preparing for a long time.” The head of the presidential office Andriy Yermak said: “Donbass: the second phase of the war has begun, but I tell you, believe in the Ukrainian armed forces.” Even the general staff in Kiev had reported “signs” of an offensive. There was initially no confirmation from the Russian side.

War in Ukraine: last stand in Mariupol against Russia

First reportage on Monday 18 April, 9:00 pm: Kiev – More than 50 days after Vladimir Putin’s start of the war in Ukraine, the port city of Mariupol is becoming increasingly clear as a smoothing agent for the conflict. The city is of enormous importance both for the course of the war and for its economic consequences. Outnumbered Ukrainian fighters are preventing Russian troops from taking Mariupol outright.

War in Ukraine: militants in Mariupol resist Russia

Ukrainian soldiers ask for more support from Kiev in the battle for Mariupol. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is relaying this message to the West by urgently calling for heavy weapons. Furthermore, Zelenskii made it clear that he would conclude negotiations with Vladimir Putin and Russia in the war in Ukraine if the people in the surrounded plant died.

Not only in Mariupol the war in Ukraine is not going as planned for Russia. For example, the Russian warship Moskva recently sank, with Ukraine claiming to have sunk it with rockets. (kh / vbu / cs / tu with AFP / dpa)

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