Sardinia – an island to fall in love with

Sardinia is not one of the most popular European travel destinations for nothing. Due to the turquoise waters, beautiful bays and numerous sights, the Mediterranean island is also called the Caribbean of Europe and welcomes many vacationers who do not come here for the first time every year. What exactly makes the island so attractive is explained in the following article.

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Sardinia offers dream accommodation directly on the sea.

Why spend your holidays in Sardinia

The numerous vacationers who come back over and over don’t love Sardinia at all. Here are some reasons:

Short arrival

Regardless of whether you arrive by plane, ferry or car, Sardinia can be reached quite quickly within Europe. Direct overland flights from southern Germany within about two hours on the dream island of Italy and are usually quite cheap to find.

Great beach holiday homes

There are also numerous excellent holiday homes in Sardinia. Whether it’s a location directly on the beach, something in the mountainous hinterland or an exciting city, there is something for everyone. However, accommodations directly on the sea or with their own swimming pool are particularly popular. Beautiful corners for this are available around Alghero, Gallura, Costa Smeralda and Olbia.

Stunning views of the Caribbean of Europe

Those arriving at Cagliari airport experience directly the first highlight: or the coastal road to Villasimius. The constantly sloping rocks seem to plummet into the sea and reveal the sight of dream beaches and breathtaking bays. By the way, no big hotels or other concrete bunkers. In fact, in Sardinia it is forbidden to build this type of building directly on the beach. Along the coastal road there are numerous great places to stop and linger.

Many excursion possibilities

Hikers will also get their money’s worth in Sardinia. Numerous nature parks and hiking areas are equipped with excellent hiking trails. Sometimes you really go up, where the silence and the scent of pine, juniper and thyme characterize the atmosphere. From the Sette Fratelli, for example, you have a splendid view of the Sardinian capital, Cagliari.

Sardinian cuisine

The Italian Mediterranean cuisine with delicious pizzas, pastas and tasty appetizers is already one of the most popular. However, Sardinian cuisine differs a little for the very thin and crunchy Carta di musica, the substantial porcheddu (suckling pig) or the very special, delicious and slightly different fregola of Sardinian pasta. At the ports you always get complete freshly caught fish, mussels and other Mediterranean seafood and in any case you have to pay attention to the indications of the farm. Here you can find products directly from the manufacturer. Honey from the hinterland is also an absolute must and can be bought at any market in this region. And of course cheese aficionados will also appreciate their money when they try the typical Sardinian Pecorino Sardo.

The most beautiful beaches and bays

Dream beaches line up in Sardinia. One of the most popular is La Pelosa in the ancient seaside village of Stintino. Here you will find the finest sand and the turquoise sea. However, this beach is a popular and therefore very popular destination. Cala Spinosa on the Sapo Testo peninsula is ideal for those who want it a little quieter. To get to this bay, you have to climb a little, but then lie a true paradise at your feet.

The best things to do in Sardinia

But Sardinia has a lot more to offer than extremely delicious food and dream beaches. One of the most famous places is the Neptune’s Grotto. The stalactite cave is a true natural spectacle that beckons you with the impressive sparkling golden drops. Either 650 steps lead up to it or you can take a boat across the water to Neptune’s grotto. Another strong point is this Capo Caccia near Alghero. It is located 200 meters above sea level and offers breathtaking views with its sparkling white limestone cliffs and turquoise sea.


Sardinia is a real must for your next vacation. On the one hand, here you can find pure relaxation on dream beaches and wonderful bays, where you only hear the sound of the sea. On the other hand, you can really experience something here. Be it active on numerous hiking and climbing trails or urban in some towns on the island.

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