Schloss-Schule Kirchberg: what makes working as a teacher here so special

KIRCBERG. Teaching in small classes – in a warm learning atmosphere, with personal contact with students, modern digital equipment and supported by dedicated school management? This is possible at the Schloss-Schule in idyllic Kirchberg an der Jagst (Baden-Württemberg), a state-approved gymnasium with a boarding school. The Scuola del Castello is always looking for reinforcements for its staff.

Each teacher can individually organize lessons at the Schloss-Schule. Photo: Kirchberg Castle School

“I don’t think only as a subject teacher, I see the school in its entire context. It is important for me to think about this overall effect from the very beginning,” says Alexander Franz, principal of the Schloss-Schule Kirchberg an der Jagst. The design options are particularly wide there (the Schloss-Schule is a private school run by a non-profit foundation): working in a private school has many advantages over a state school, this applies to both school management and the teachers . There are no budget funds to be made available for purchases and no bureaucratic obstacles to overcome.

“If our teachers have a good idea for the lesson, I can buy new equipment easily and without bureaucracy because I have the funds and human resources at my disposal,” says Alexander Franz. Each teacher can design the lesson individually and try it out. If, for example, an excursion is planned, the castle school has its own buses, so that an excursion can also take place spontaneously and without any particular organizational effort.

Principal Alexander Franz Photo: Castle school

Another advantage is that the Schloss School is a small school with a boarding school attached. There are 100 employees in total, half of whom teach in the school. Collegiality is very pronounced at the Schloss School and you feel part of a big family. “Attention to children unites our staff”, emphasizes the principal. “We are passionate about what we do. It is our concern to advance each child according to his individual needs and abilities ”. In concrete terms, this means that teachers also engage with students outside the classroom and, for example, give private lessons as needed – teachers’ working hours allow for this.

The work environment is attractive for several reasons. Classes have a maximum of 20 students. Each teacher gets an iPad and each class has Wi-Fi, projector and Apple TV. The school building is modern – everyone should feel comfortable there. Individual workstations are also available. Swimming lessons take place in a nearby pool. Teachers receive a thirteenth month’s salary and a company pension. The school kitchen offers three meals a day and there is also the possibility for teachers to live on the school premises. Teachers with civil servants can also work at the Schloss-Schule, as a leave for the private school service is possible.

The commitment of teachers

At Schloss-Schule, teachers are not in demand only with their specialist skills. Personality is equally important. “In state schools, teachers must have good exam marks to be hired. But what does a college degree say about personality and social skills? The person is important to us, not just the grade, “emphasizes principal Alexander Franz. A private school has the freedom to choose the most suitable teacher for college and school, regardless of the grades in the state exam.

For Alexander Franz it is important that his colleagues work with passion, commitment and heart and soul. Educators should have the ambition to be good at their jobs and want to grow personally. They must also have the necessary understanding of the behavior of children and young people. “In my opinion there are no problem children, only children with whom I have to deal with in a different way. Some children and young people fail because teachers are unable to develop an individual relationship with the child, “says Alexander Franz. Too often, working conditions in state schools prevent this.

Learning in an idyllic setting: the Kirchberg Castle School. Photo: Castle school

Different at the Scuola del Castello. “We don’t have a professor at the front, but a boy, a person,” says Alexander Franz. That’s why teachers can also bring their hobbies into lessons and infect students with their passion. For example, school chess lessons, which promote strategic thinking and concentration in students, grew out of such self-interest. There are also cross project weeks and the school workshop where students can try things out and discover their manual skills.

The student body of the Castle School in Kirchberg an der Jagst is a colorful mix. This school is also characterized by college life. There are many international students and even some who come to college through the youth welfare office. “The Castle School is an equestrian college. This is a magnet for many children and young people, ”the principal knows. The Schloss-Schule has existed since 1914 and can look back on many friendships that have developed through the college community. Alumni also have a close relationship with the school and are happy to come to alumni meetings.

“Students should be able to discover and develop their talents here,” explains Alexander Franz at the end. “They should be prepared for a fulfilled life – and become independent and responsible personalities with us.”

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This is a press release from Kirchberg Castle School.


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