Siegen and surroundings: discover hidden places: this is how it works

Siegen / Freudenberg.
Achim and Monika Meurer want to discover hidden places and places in Siegen-Wittgenstein. You’re looking for insider tips.

Two “digital scouts” are touring the Siegen-Wittgenstein holiday region for 16 weeks. “The Meurers”, Achim and Monika Meurer, discover previously unknown places and explore each place from a different point of view – with the “external spectacles of the guests”, so to speak. What stories are there to tell, what discoveries to make and who knows the best insider tips?

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The start of the special journey of digital scouts Achim and Monika Meurer is Freudenberg. The goal is to discover, photograph and describe as many previously unnoticed gems as possible in order to create new content to promote the region as a tourist destination.

“The Meurers” in Siegen-Wittgenstein: these are the discoverers

Photographer Achim Meurer and his wife Monika, who is an author, work together as “Die Meurers” and have already carried out similar projects in other German locations. They have experience tracking down attractions and an eye for the special.

So far, however, they have not worked for a German region of this magnitude: the two have their main focus in Estonia. “We are very curious about Siegen-Wittgenstein and its still hidden sides,” says Monika Meurer happily. “Often the locals no longer see the beauty of the region. We also see how to open our eyes “, adds Achim Meurer.

“Digital scouts” in and around Siegen: this is what the project is about

The project has been organisationally prepared by the Touristikverband Siegerland-Wittgenstein (TVSW) since January to fill the time when digital scouts are traveling as efficiently as possible. Every city and community and as many districts as possible are explored by the two explorers. “Anyone who sees ‘Die Meurers’ on the go is cordially invited to speak to them and give them recommendations for special places,” says Monika Dombrowsky, CEO of TVSW.

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The tourist trip to discover the two digital scouts is financed by the “REACT-EU” funds. It is a new funding program of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia with funds from the European Union. These are made available, inter alia, for the digital transformation in tourism and give regions ample scope for their own creative ideas.

Tourism: Strengthen Siegen-Wittgenstein as an excursion destination

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit Europe hard. With the REACT-EU program, the European Union has launched development aid intended to mitigate the economic and social consequences of the pandemic in Europe. TVSW and Sauerland Tourism work together on this funding project as a DMO community. DMO stands for “Destination Management Organization”.

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Sauerland and Siegen-Wittgenstein want to mitigate the previous cuts caused by the pandemic and its future effects with a package of measures aimed at digitization. With a total of 25 project modules, the regions are hoping for sustainable results in areas such as content production, content marketing, launching new communication formats, creating new services, CRM (relationship management with customers) and digital infrastructure.

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The Digital Scout Discovery Tour is one such project: “We look forward to the results,” says Monika Dombrowsky, CEO of TVSW: “These will feed directly into our regional database: after our local tourism experts have verified them. , will be available to our guests and our regionals. They will certainly enrich the presentation “.

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Anyone wishing to pass on tips and sights can do so at any time by sending an e-mail to – subject “You must have seen this”.

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