Sonnenstube becomes Switzerland’s Silicon Valley

Myrte Muller and Flavio Razzino

At 100 kilometers, California’s Santa Clara Valley is as long as Ticino. Like Highway 101, the A 2 forms a major north-south axis. Magnificent nature and sunshine attract tourists both here and here. And not just her. Over the decades, the largest IT companies in the world have settled in the San Francisco Bay Area. While the Santa Clara Valley has already blossomed into the so-called “Silicon Valley”, the Swiss solarium is also on its way to becoming a leading European location for technology and research.

“When I arrived in Ticino from Rome ten years ago, I was amazed by the large number of research centers that already existed at the time”, says Silvia Misti (55) of the Institut Biochimique SA in Lugano TI. She and her team publish the “Ticino Scienza” news portal. Much of what is happening in Ticino in the area is not known to the general public, she says. They want to change it.

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