SV Darmstadt 98 win the 2nd Bundesliga at FC St. Pauli

No.No, it will not be tempted, even after a game like this, a victory like this. Torsten Lieberknecht has been there for too long. The constellation of the table, the remaining program, what chances do you see his lilies advance? “We have 54 points and we are third. This at the table “, answers Lieberknecht. And the last few games of the next few weeks, with Aue, Düsseldorf and Paderborn at home for the final on May 15, do you do homework? Lieberknecht says:” It’s the same as always. We want to attack it as a smear. We want to hunt. And don’t look at the table too much. “

Lieberknecht’s experience is positive for SV Darmstadt 98. Everyone could see the feelings that this 2-1 win at FC St. Pauli had unleashed on Saturday night: everyone, really all involved, entered the field when Sascha Stegemann whistled after 94 minutes; Goalkeeper Marcel Schuhen had blocked a shot from Hamburg’s Christopher Buchtmann a minute earlier.

The pure joy, the great jubilation, the joint celebration with the 3000 Darmstadt fans who had tried to make themselves heard in their little corner behind the door: those were great moments. Lieberknecht manages to distill something that points beyond the victory, the day, the table, also for this reason it is popular in the scene.

He said: “After so many quiet games in front of empty stands, it is a privilege to be able to play here. Such a mood is the salt in the soup. To be honest, my joy outweighs the feeling of having won here. I would like to say a heartfelt thanks to the whole stadium and to all spectators. ”A sold-out evening game at the Millerntor in front of the silhouette of the Elbphilharmonie, Michel and the Ferris wheel of the cathedral: this is already something.

“A goal like against Bremen”

Lieberknecht did not take a look at the attractions. After five games with only one victory and eight goals conceded, a Lilien-Elf in Hamburg should find his compactness again. St. Pauli started confused, Darmstadt in the form 4-1-4-1 was immediately in play, it was thanks to Luca Pfeiffer for the 1-0 at the beginning – in the ninth minute it was a pass by Phillip Tietz to take the St. Pauli by surprise.

When Hamburg entered the game better and Matthias Bader saved on the goal line against Etienne Amenyido, a bang followed: Bader scored again a corner kick which had already been saved “sharp”, captain Fabian Holland shot the ball. involuntary assist with a ten-meter rebound kick in the far corner: 2-0 in the 31st minute. Not a shot on Sunday, Lieberknecht later explained: “He has already scored such a goal in the first half of the season against Bremen”.

Then the great suffering began. St. Pauli ran at 49 minutes. “We were in depth, we defended a lot, we lacked the safety of the pass, the rest of the ball”, criticized Lieberknecht. The stadium woke up when Lukas Daschner scored the 2-1 (81st minute). St. Pauli entered Simon Makienok and only tried long balls, but Luca Pfeiffer and Thomas Isherwood either hit or headed them away with no problem.

Lieberknecht had followed the football drama from his high seat under the grandstand roof on the back straight, “very emotionally” as he was disqualified after four yellow cards. His team also won this match because Jonathan Heimes motivational bracelets with the inscription “You must fight” would help, the coach later said: “Johnny is part of Darmstadt, part of Darmstadt 98. The bracelets were under the week addressed to Tobias Kempe and Fabian Holland. Fabian gave the team the background of the tragic history and the team then carried it on. ” (Heimes, a Lilien fan who died of cancer in 2016, handed out motivational tapes at Böllenfalltor Stadium, ed.)

All in all, this extraordinary game was well suited to providing tailwind for the remaining three games. Although Torsten Lieberknecht would never say so.

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