The cities of Singen and Constance receive the “Municipality for bike” award.

State Secretary Elke Zimmer: The cycle bridge over the Rhine and the cycle links, especially in Konstanz, are exemplary

Constance / Singen – Along with the cities of Constanta and Singen, two other cities have received the “Bike-Friendly Municipality” award for their exemplary promotion of cycling. This means that a total of nine cities and three rural districts have now been recognized by the state as bicycle-friendly municipalities.

Secretary of State for Transport Elke Zimmer said in Stuttgart on Friday: “With skilled cycling concepts, dedicated staff and above-average funding for cycling, cities have created promising framework conditions for promoting cycling. To convince more people. to use the bicycle as a means of daily transport, we need a coherent and attractive network of cycle paths, as well as sufficient and safe parking spaces for bicycles ”.

In Constance in particular, one can already see, for example, on the cycle bridge over the Rhine, that more and more people are choosing bicycles, said Secretary of State Zimmer. “The already very high proportion of bicycle traffic contributes significantly to the high quality of life in Konstanz.”

And Constance is in good company, as Elke Zimmer pointed out: “The city of Singen, which has long been heavily influenced by automobiles, is also making great efforts to make cycling attractive. If even more districts and cities follow these examples, we will reach our state goal of doubling the share of bicycle traffic to 20% by 2030. “The city of Konstanz has managed to reduce the share of bicycle traffic on trips within the city from 24% (2007) to 34% (2018) to increase. If you ignore commuter traffic, the share of bicycle traffic in Konstanz is more than three times higher than the state average.

Konstanz is the first municipality ever to receive the state silver award for outstanding cycling promotion, introduced in 2020. Singen is the first city – after the districts of Karlsruhe and Lörrach – to receive the state bronze award.

Constance wants to become climate neutral and relies on the bike to do so

Uli Burchardt, mayor of the city of Constance, sees the success of the promotion of cycling also in the good interaction between administration, politics and citizenship: “People in Constance love to cycle a lot and more often. We as the administration and the city council are promoting this development in a very targeted way. However, we must not and will not rest on our laurels. In 2035 we want to be largely climate neutral as a city. To achieve this, we need to keep working on reversing traffic and cycling is a key pillar here. “

The city of Singen is continuously expanding its cycling infrastructure

The city of Singen proves that the promotion of cycling can be successful even if there is not yet a long cycling tradition. Mayor Bernd Häusler stressed: “Singen is a young and modern city in transition. That’s why we rely on innovative and rapidly implementable solutions for cycling. At the largest bottleneck for cyclists on the outskirts of the city center, we will improve traffic safety in a test phase lasting several months with a pop-up measure. We want cycling in Singen to become even more attractive to citizens in the future. Only with a significant increase in cycling will we be able to reach the traffic turnaround and therefore the goal of climate neutrality by 2035 “.

On 1 June 2022, the state award “Bike-Friendly Municipality” will be awarded to the cities of Konstanz and Singen at the Catinaccio Congress Center in Mannheim as part of the cycling congress. In addition to the certificate, cities receive a bicycle counting device from which the positive trend in cycling traffic can be read.

Basic information:

Since 2011, cities, municipalities and districts with exemplary cycling promotion have obtained the “Bike-Friendly Municipality” certificate. From 2020 there is a differentiated assignment of status of gold, silver or bronze. The prerequisite is membership in the working group for the cycling and pedestrian-friendly municipalities of Baden-Württemberg e. V. (AGFK-BW).

Applicant municipalities must demonstrate, inter alia, that they have a concrete conceptual basis, a well-developed infrastructure and activities in the field of communication and road safety. Also included in the evaluation are the funding and staff of the bicycle promotion. The demanding test catalog is based on the fields of action of the RadSTRATEGIE Baden-Württemberg.

Currently they are recognized as “bike-friendly cities”: Freiburg (2011, recertified in 2017), Karlsruhe (2011, recertified in 2017), Offenburg (2011, recertified in 2017), Heidelberg (2012, recertified in 2018), Kirchheim unter Teck (2012, recertified in 2018), Mannheim (2017) and Heilbronn (2019), Konstanz (silver 2021), Singen (bronze 2021). The district of Göppingen (2013, recertified in 2019), the district of Karlsruhe (bronze 2020) and the district of Lörrach (bronze 2020) were recognized as “bicycle-friendly districts”.
You can find more information about the “Bike-Friendly Municipality” award at Fahrrad-freunde-kommune /

(Press release: Ministry of Transport)

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