The Europagarten in Frankfurt is desolate

fThere was no need for this negative example for the experts at the Frankfurt Park Office: the six-hectare park in the center of the Europaviertel, developed by investors and set up by a horticultural company, has been starving for four years and is still inaccessible to this day. The employees of the institution are convinced that they should have it in their own hands when public green spaces are created. After all, today they need to be more robust than ever. Almost nothing is frequented by the population like parks. It is all the more important that these are attractively designed and well designed, also in view of climate change. This includes selecting plants that survive rainy weeks and stages of drought, of which there have been many in recent years.

The masterpiece of the Frankfurt Park Office is the banks of the Main. One could almost say: the counterpart of the previous Europagarten is the Hafenpark. There, with every tree, every stone, every grass root, it was considered whether it met the needs of the users. Anyone who has ever taken a guided tour with the managers from the Oosten restaurant at the Ruhrorter Werft in Hafenpark and heard how much thought the managers had, will have an idea why this green public space works.

Wait for the cause

This cannot console the inhabitants of the Europagarten, which was also designed by landscape architects. They are the victims of the fact that those responsible for the creation of the park – the developer of the project and the horticultural company executing them, both of which enjoy a good reputation in Frankfurt – not only got to work without putting their heart and soul into it. , but also perhaps made fundamental mistakes in handling the land and manufactured plants.

Given the visible defects, the hands of the city of Frankfurt are effectively tied. In all likelihood it will have to wait for the resolution of the legal dispute between the two companies. This is bitter for the residents of the Europaviertel. But the city cannot simply compensate for the damages, which the head of the environmental department has now estimated at seven million euros, to set up the Europagarten. If, as has always been said, everyone wants the city to be green, then everyone must act responsibly. Also investors and construction companies.

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