The new train crosses the seaside resort

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Discover the seaside resort in a different way: the new train runs through Travemünde

Travemuende.It is already in operation in Heiligenhafen, on Fehmarn, in Dahme, Kellinghusen and Scharbeutz. Now a little train – better known as the little train – strolls around Travemünde again.

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Read more after the announcement

From the weekend, the seaside town’s attractions and excursion destinations can be explored on a fifty-minute round trip on the express shuttle. It does not move on the tracks, but on the roads and often offers passengers a view of the Trave and the Baltic Sea during the journey. The train, designed to look like a railway, leaves every hour from the seafront at Travemünder Landstrasse and back.

Four tourist trains run in the Bay of Lübeck

The operator of the new tourist attraction is Michael Handschug. “Last spring I had the idea of ​​doing such a ride in Travemünde,” says the 43-year-old, who already operates four other tourist trains in the Baltic Sea resorts on the Bay of Lübeck and on the Fehmarn. He quickly found a supporter of his plan for him in spa director Uwe Kirchhoff. “He was enthusiastic, he gave me advice for the path and also supported me in other ways.” Michael Handschug had to obtain a total of five official permits, the last of which was issued just before Easter.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

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He also received support from the Hague Hotel, in front of which he was allowed to set up the departure stop, and from the Lübeck-Travemünder Verkehrsgesellschaft, in whose premises on the Gneversdorfer Weg the little train is parked after work.

Trailer equipped with a panoramic roof

The contractor had already bought the locomotive and three trailers at the end of 2021. The tractor is powered by a diesel engine with Euro 6 standard and has 160 hp under the hood. The trailers are all equipped with a panoramic roof and offer seating for a total of 60 passengers. Access to one of the carriages is barrier-free, which means that wheelchairs, pushchairs and baby carriages can also be brought along.

Michael Handschug is the leader of the tourist train. The 43-year-old businessman from Heiligenhafen is happy to be able to drive in Travemünde.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

The departure stop is the square between the Hotel Aja and the seafront. From there it is a fifty-minute journey through Travemünde, on the way via Außenallee and Kaiserallee to the Möwenstein car park, then via Strandredder and Strandweg back to Kaiserallee and from there to the Strandbahnhof.

Then the little train strolls again along the Outer Avenue, passes Fisch-Popst Gosch, then through the Kurgartenstraße and the Rose parallel to the first row to the ferry terminal with the aim of driving over the sand to the Travemünder Landstraße. Then return to The Hague Hotel via Vogteistrasse and Trelleborgallee. During the journey, the train driver tells all kinds of interesting facts about Travemünde over loudspeakers and introduces places and destinations for excursions.


Torsten “Totti” Ende (50) is one of ten drivers who drive the little train through Travemünde.

Starts daily from 10:15 on the waterfront

Passengers can get on or off at a total of five stops: The Hague Hotel, the Strandbahnhof, Gosch, the ferry dock and Travemünder Landstrasse. A stop in Kaiserallee is also planned thereafter. If you wish to interrupt the tour in the meantime, you can disembark and continue the journey at a later time, but not on the last trip. Adults pay eight euros for a tour, children from four to 16 years old four euros, the family ticket (two adults, two children) costs 20 euros. Children up to three years and dogs travel for free.

The tourist train leaves every day at 10:15 from Hotel Aja and runs every hour until 13:15. Then continue at 2:45 pm. The last ride starts at 6:30 pm. Should departure times, routes and stops change, there are instructions at the stops. The train runs throughout the season, including in autumn until mid-November. More information on tours or special trips can be found from the driver, on the website and by calling 0178-1332685.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

By Thomas Krohn

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