The Sleeping Beauty of the North Sea: Attractions on Baltrum

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The smallest of the East Frisian Islands is really so small that you can circumnavigate it in just a few hours. With only 600 inhabitants and a “size” of five kilometers long and one and a half kilometers wide, Baltrum has a very special atmosphere.

Time passes more slowly here; just as slowly as you move. Cars are prohibited, but there are horses, carriages, carts, bicycles and of course your own legs. Even though Baltrum is nicknamed the “Sleeping Beauty of the North Sea”, the island isn’t as sleepy. We show you the attractions on Baltrum.

Districts on Baltrum

Baltrum consists of the three districts of Westdorf, Ostdorf and Altes Ostdorf. Westdorf is the largest district and is close to the port. This is where most of the island’s restaurants and shops are located. There is plenty to do in the “Heavenly Friesian Square”, as the islanders call the center of Westdorf.

Recommendations for a stop are the beach bar behind the dunes, the Skipper’s Inn for freshly caught fish or the Mittendrin Fisch, where there are small plates and fish sandwiches.

The center of the island is located in the Westdorf district.

Ostdorf is protected by dunes in the middle of nature. Thousands of birds rest and nest here in spring and autumn. It is quiet but cozy, for example in the rustic Café Kluntje. The Old East Village exudes a lot of charm with its rustic islander homes. The Heimatverein museum is also located in the old customs house.

In the Ostdorf district, things are quiet.

Old Customs Museum

You can relive the history of the island and the life of the locals in the Altes Zollhaus Museum. The Heimatverein Baltrum eV carefully restored a typical East Frisian semi-detached house and set up the museum there, which opened in 2007.

The Altes Zollhaus museum hosts exhibitions on the origins and history of Baltrum.

There are many exhibits on the origin and history of Baltrum: with insights into navigation and tourism development and many photos of islanders’ homes or difficult years with storm surges and frozen winters.

Old island church and island bell

Baltrum’s landmark is the island bell, which hangs in front of the old island church. The church is the oldest house on the island and dates back to 1826. Previously there were three churches on the island, but a storm in 1825 destroyed most of the houses.

A highlight in the summer are the evening prayers in the old island church.

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Tip: During the peak summer season, evening prayers are held at Old Island Church on Mondays and Fridays.

National Park House

Since 2004 there is also a national park house on Baltrum. Here everything revolves around the power of the sea, with the thematic focus on the tides. There is a tidal column to make the ebb and flow easier for visitors to understand. This shows the water level of the island via a water column depending on the position of the sun, moon and earth.

In the National Park House in Baltrum there are insights into the Wadden Sea.

Another project leads from the National Park House to the outside: in 2006, the tides trail was opened, on which Baltrum holidaymakers can explore the ebb and flow on foot and interactively.