These are the best destinations in Northern Germany

Northern Germany is characterized by the Baltic and Northern Seas and the metropolitan region of Hamburg. It goes without saying that many excursion destinations are located on the coast. After all, nothing is more tempting than taking the train to the beach without the hassle of parking. In this article we will show you the best destinations in Northern Germany. But we will also show you which destinations you can reach on the other side of the Baltic Sea and the North Sea with the regional express. The requirement: the destination must be reachable on foot in 20 minutes or less.


Of course, Hamburg itself is a great excursion destination, which you can explore even more closely with local buses, trains and subways thanks to the 9 euro ticket. You can reach Hamburg Hauptbahnhof directly with various regional express lines. The Metronome RE4 of Bremen, the RE 70 of Kiel, the RE 80 of Lübeck, the RE 3 of Hanover, the RE 1 of Rostock or the RE 7 of Flensburg are one of the possible trains that will take you to Hamburg.

We don’t want to be a travel guide to Hamburg, but show you which destinations you can generally reach with the 9 euro ticket without much effort. That’s why we go a little further north towards Schleswig-Holstein.

Schleswig Holstein

Here you can take the RE 6 from Hamburg in under three hours Westerland on Sylt scope. After just ten minutes on foot you are on the seafront of the island of the rich and famous.

If you just want to go to the beach, you can get off earlier. In Husum you have a connection with the RB 64 St. Peter-Ording. The up to two kilometers wide sandy beach meet fans of 90s TV series “Against the Wind”. Here too the train stops a good ten minutes walk from the beach.

The aforementioned RE 6 in Hamburg also allows you to switch to RB 63 in Heide. It comes from Neumünster and will follow busum. There you have to walk 20 minutes and you are on the beach. There is an option there real sandy beach or green beach.

You can find beachless water in Rendsburg. There is the Kiel Canal, on which the Rendsburg High Bridge leads. A technical masterpiece of two and a half kilometers in length. A transporter bridge crosses the canal at the bottom of the railway bridge. He is now back on duty after an accident with a freighter. You can reach Rendsburg with the RE 7 from Hamburg or Flensburg, from Kiel you can take the RE 74. From the train station it is a 20 minute walk to the bridge and the ferry. The ferry trip is free, even without a 9 euro ticket.

Hansapark Sieksdorf

With the RE 8 you can reach the from the direction of Hamburg Hanseatic city of Lübeck with all its views. In Lübeck you can switch to RB 85. You can then use it to travel to other destinations. The station Timmendorfer Strand it is about a 20-minute walk from the Baltic Sea beach of the same name and only 10 minutes from the Haffkrug train station. It also takes 10 minutes to walk from Sierksdorf train station to the Hansapark Sierksdorf – the amusement park on the Baltic Sea. Travel time from Hamburg is only 90 minutes.

What regional express lines are there in Schleswig-Holstein and where do they go? This map will show you.

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania also has it numerous beaches directly at the train station offer. To Warnemünde (S-Bahn from Rostock) it takes ten minutes, in Graal-Müritz (RB 12 from Rostock) 20 minutes and inside Baltic town of Binz to Rügen (RE 9 from Rostock) it takes another ten minutes before you are at the beach from the train station.

An island further on, on Usedom, you are, for example, from the train station Ahlbeck, Seebad Heringsdorf or Karlshagen quickly to the Baltic Sea. And directly at the Koserow train station you will find the Karls Erlebnisdorf. With the exception of Karlshagen, all stations are on route RB 23 from Züssow. To reach Karlshagen, you have to change back to RB 24.

On Rügen and Usedom you will of course find even more highlights. So there are steam train fans there Roland furious. A ride on the Rasender Roland is not included in the 9 euro ticket. But with Binz (RE 9) or Putbus (RB 26 from Bergen) you can reach some of its departure stations with the Regio. This also applies to them Molly in Bad Doberan, which you can reach with the RB 11 from Rostock to Wismar. And Usedom also has one in Trassenheide, for example butterfly farm offer some more goals.

Incidentally, you can also quickly reach all destinations on Rügen and Usedom from Berlin with the RE 3 or RE 5 if you change trains in Stralsund or Züssow, depending on your destination.

Other northern destinations ideal for a trip or a short vacation are, for example Schwerin (RE 2 from Berlin / Wismar) o They were on the Müritz and in the Mecklenburg Lake District. Waren is on the RE 5 line from Berlin to Rostock. The old Hanseatic city of Wismar also invites you for a city trip and is easily accessible from Hamburg and Lübeck with the RE 2 from Berlin and Cottbus and with a change in Bad Kleinen.

What regional express lines are there in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and where do they go? This map will show you.

Lower Saxony / Bremen

In Lower Saxony, for example, regional trains will take you there East Frisia. Norddeich Mole is located directly on the North Sea. A small sandy beach is just a few minutes away. Reach the investor for the Ferries to Norderney and Juist with RE 1 of Bremen and Hanover or RE 15 of Münster in Westphalia. You will not find any other direct connections to the beach in Lower Saxony. A half hour walk is the minimum for the other train stations.

Wolterdingen station is located on the RB 38 from Hanover to Buchholz in der Nordheide. Here you will find the after only 10 minutes on foot Heidepark Soltau. The city of Hodenhagen is also located on the same railway line. Until there Serengeti Park but it is about 3 kilometers.

A view of the Lüneburg Heath
A view of the Lüneburg Heath

One of the best known regions of Lower Saxony is probably the Heath of Lüneburg to be. There are countless train stations and places to explore. The Heidebahn runs from Hanover to Schwarmstedt, Walsrode (with its bird park), Schneverdingen and Soltau. From Hamburg it goes to Buchholz or Handeloh. And the Heidesprinter erixx connects Uelzen (via Ebstorf and Munster) with Soltau on the east-west axis.

The two big cities Bremen and Hanover are in themselves worth a trip to the region. The RE 1 and RE 8 lines connect the cities to each other. The RE 8 continues to Bremerhaven.

What regional express lines are there in Lower Saxony and where do they go? This map will show you.

A regional express at Nuremberg station

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