These Berlin schools are contaminated with asbestos

List of districts

These Berlin schools are contaminated with asbestos

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The use of asbestos has been banned in Germany since the early 1990s, but at least 200 public schools in Berlin are still contaminated with loosely bound asbestos. You can find the list of offending items here.

The list of schools where certain areas need to be checked at regular intervals due to exposure to asbestos includes around 200 institutions.

This is the result of a survey conducted by rbb24 Research between all districts and Berliner Immobilienmanagement GmbH (BIM).

BIM and district data on pollution testing in Berlin schools show that the peak of asbestos exposure is significantly higher in the western part of the city than in the eastern districts.

Some of the contaminated BIM-owned schools are in counties that have stated that no school they own contains loosely bound asbestos. These include the districts of Reinickendorf, Lichtenberg, Treptow-Köpenick and Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf. Schools whose BIM-managed buildings in these counties are included in the list below.

When asked, the Neukölln district office did not say which schools in the district were contaminated with loosely bound asbestos. However, this occurs “in individual cases,” she said.

The Senate Department of Urban Development has made more information available on its website about the health risks of weakly bound asbestos [].


Ruth Cohn school
Hans Litten School

OSZ automotive technology
Anna Freud School
Loschmidt school
Leopold Ullstein School


Otto Wels Elementary School
Thalia Elementary School
Lego elementary school
Lina Morgenstrern school
Reinhardswald primary school
Charlotte Salomon Elementary School
Albrecht von Graefe school
Pettenkofer elementary school
Lenau elementary school
Nuremberg primary school
Justus von Liebig primary school
Ludwig Hoffmann elementary school
Liceo Andrea
Jens Nydahl Primary School

Clara Grunwald Elementary School
Adolf Glassbrenner elementary school

Berlin fashion school
Hans Böckler School
August Sander School
OSZ Commerce I


OSZ banks, real estate and insurance companies
School and competitive sports center in Berlin


Seagull Lake Elementary School
Tiergarten high school
Ansa elementary school
Ernst Schering elementary school
Primary school on Koppenplatz
Center for the school environment Berlin Mitte
Disterweg high school
Vinea elementary school + kindergarten
Hemingway school
Wilhelm Busch school
Wilhelm Hauff Elementary School
Humboldthain Elementary School
Willy Brandt School
Anna Lindh School
New Gate Elementary School
Andersen Elementary School
Allegro Elementary School
Leo Leonni School
Heinrich von Stephan Community School
School at Schiller Park
Herbert Hoover School
Moabi Elementary School
Gesundbrunnen elementary school
Heinrich Seidel Elementary School
Kurt Tucholsky elementary school
School in Zille Park
Primary school in Arkonaplatz
Lessing High School
Municipal Elementary School
Theodor Heuss school
GutsMuths Elementary School
Moses Mendelssohn School
Hedwig Dohm High School
Ernst Reuter school
Gustav Falke elementary school
Crystal Elementary School
Elementary school of the Brothers Grimm
Berlin college
Gottfried Röhl primary school
Carl Bolle Elementary School
Elementary school Hort James Krüss

Carl Kraemer Elementary School
Miriam Makeba elementary school
Wartburg school

state technical school in Berlin
French high school
OSC Health
OSZ communication, information and media technology


OSZ information and medical technology
Carl Legien School
Lise Meitner school


Insel Scharfenberg school farm
OSZ machine and production technology (Georg Schlesinger School)
OSZ Media Design and Media Technology (Ernst Litfaß School)
OSZ Nutrition and Food Technology (Emil Fischer School)


Ernst Ludwig Heim elementary school
Christoph Földerich elementary school
Konkordia elementary school
Primary school in Birkenhain
Robert Reinick Elementary School
Primary school on the Weinmeisterhorn
Bernd Ryke Elementary School
Astrid Lindgren Primary School
Primary school in Beerwinkel
Primary school in Ritterfeld
Carl Schurz Elementary School
Primary school in Windmühlenberg
Peter Härtling Primary School (former Charlie Rivel Primary School)
Martin Buber High School
Carlo Schmid High School
B. Traven Community School
School in Jungfernheide
Kant Gymnasium
Carl Friedrich von Siemens High School
Lily Brown High School
Lynar Elementary School
Primary school in Eichenwald


Helene Lange school
Dunant Elementary School
Kronach primary school
Old primary school in Lankwitz
Paul Schneider Elementary School
Giesendorf elementary school
Elementary school under the chestnut trees
Clemens Brentano Elementary School
Käthe Kruse Primary School
Primary school at the Königsgraben
Sachsenwald primary school
Elementary school at the islander
Ludwig Bechstein Elementary School
Primary school at the carp pond
Mercator Elementary School
elementary school at Bake
Anna Essinger elementary school
Primary school at the Stadtpark Steglitz
Max von Laue school
Copernicus School
Johann August Zeune school
Peter Frankenfeld School
Paul Braune School
Beethoven High School
Paulsen High School
Herrmann-Ehlers High School
Fichtenberg high school
Lilienthal high school
Goethe high school
Willy Graf High School
Steglitz Gym
Schadow High School
Schadow III High School
Werner von Siemens High School
Dreilinden gym
Arndt High School
Wilma Rudolf High School
Gail S. Halverson School
Pestalozzi School

Alternative place for schools, Plantagestr. 8th
School garden, Haydnstr. 20

OSZ Nature and Environment (Peter Lenné School)
OSZ Design (Wilhelm Ostwald School)
Management and administration of the OSZ office (Luise Schröder School)
Management of the OSZ I office
John F. Kennedy School


Werbellinsee primary school
Sternberg Elementary School
Lindenhof Elementary School
Teltow Primary School
Neumark Elementary School
Löcknitz primary school Fläming primary school
Ruppin Elementary School
Paul Simmel Elementary School
Primary school in Tempelhofer Feld
Paul Klee Elementary School
Schätzelberg primary school
Templar Elementary School
Masha Kaléko elementary school
Rudolf Hildebrand elementary school
Kiepert Elementary School
Käthe Kollwitz primary school
Annedore Leber elementary school
Carl Sunshine Elementary School
Bruno-H.-Bürgel primary school
Mariendorf elementary school
Nahariya Primary School
Primary school at Dielingsgrund
Icaro elementary school
Sophie Scholl High School
Gustav Heinemann school
Theodor Haubach school
Gustav Langenscheidt High School
Hugo Gaudig school
Friedenau Community School
School in Berlinickeplatz
former Teske High School
Prignitz school
Marianne Cohn School
Eckener Gym

Marie Elisabeth Lüders high school
OSZ Social Services (Anna Freud School)
Annedore Leber High School
OSZ Lotis Logistics, Tourism and Taxes


OSZ Economics (Hermann Scheer School)

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