These destinations are ideal for women traveling alone – German cities are far behind

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Alone in Paris? The French capital is only the 123rd safest city for women traveling alone. © Kiko Jimenez / Imago

Are you planning to explore the world on your own? Solo travel is a trend that many women also find exciting. Apparently, German cities are not the safest destinations for this.

Traveling alone gives you the opportunity to make new acquaintances and even friendships, explore other cultures in depth, and have exciting experiences. And all this without having to rely on your travel companions. But what is the best place to travel as a woman traveling alone? Canada (this currently applies to entry), Japan or do you prefer Austria? According to a study by Solo Female Travelers, 73% of women traveling alone are concerned about their safety, regardless of age, culture or origin. Choosing the right travel destination is therefore especially important for a carefree time alone.

Holidu, the search engine for holiday homes, then discovered it which cities are safer for women traveling alone. To do this, travel destinations around the world have been evaluated based on various factors that are important for women traveling alone. Disappointing: it is in the top 20 not a German city.

The best cities in the world for women traveling alone

1 Montreal Canada
2 Colombo Sri Lanka
3 Ljubljana Slovenia
4 Ottawa Canada
5 Edmonton Canada
6 Vienna Austria
7 Linz Austria
8th Lodz Poland
9 Calgary Canada
10 Zagreb Croatia
38 Hamburg Germany
48 Monk Germany
55 Dresden Germany


1. Montreal, Canada

First it is Canada’s second largest city, Montreal. While Montreal isn’t the cheapest place (a one-bedroom apartment costs around $ 32 a night), the city has won the gold medal as the safest city for women traveling alone. But in which areas could Montreal convince as the safest city? Montreal scored very well in all areas, but especially in terms of night brightness and how safe women feel when walking alone after dark. The city was ranked 12th among all cities in terms of brightness, which means that many streets are illuminated at night and therefore women feel safer walking alone. And despite being one of Canada’s largest cities, Montreal has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.

2. Colombo, Sri Lanka

Second in the overall ranking but first for those thinking of a trip to Asia The capital of Sri Lanka Colombo. Unlike Montreal, Colombo is definitely cheaper: taxis in the city cost around 22 cents per kilometer – it’s the fifth cheapest price in the studio – and a one-bedroom apartment costs only around 14 euros a night. Among the top five, Colombo received the best score for the country’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, ranking 14th overall. Although Sri Lanka is extremely vulnerable to the spread of the virus due to its burgeoning tourism industry, the government has taken stringent measures, including island-wide travel restrictions and isolation zones, to curb the spread. The only element on which Columbus still has something to recover is his lighting. However, the Sri Lankan capital ranks sixth in terms of the percentage of women who feel safe walking alone at night. More than three out of four women surveyed (77%) said they felt safe.

3. Ljubljana, Slovenia

the Slovenian city of Ljubljana gets the bronze medal in the general classification, but the first place in Europe. One of the factors by which the Slovenian capital scored above average was the prevalence of violence in women’s lives, with a significantly lower percentage of women experiencing it than in most other countries. At 13 percent, it was more than 10 percent below the average of 23.5 percent. Also, Ljubljana is by no means the brightest city at night, but like Sri Lanka, Slovenia is considered a very safe place for women who are out and about alone at night. 76% of women said they feel safe here. However, when traveling alone, it is advisable to take some precautions by sticking to well-lit roads and avoiding uninhabited areas.

4. Ottawa, Canada

Fourth in the overall standings The capital of Canada Ottawa. This makes it the second Canadian city to make it into the top 5. However, being the capital comes at a price: Ottawa is the most expensive of the top five cities, averaging € 37.76 per night for a one-bedroom apartment. . A key factor that distinguishes Ottawa and its Canadian counterparts is the low rate of violent crime against women. Only 1.9% of women said they have experienced some form of violence in their lifetime, indicating a low tolerance for gender abuse in society and a huge benefit for women traveling alone.

5. Edmonton, Canada

Another Canadian city completes the top 5. Edmonton ranks first for women’s safety when they are alone at night and low tolerance for gender-based violence. It is worth noting, however, that Edmonton’s overall crime rate, like other Canadian cities, has increased significantly over the past three years. While these crimes are not specifically directed against women, it is important to follow standard safety precautions. Travelers should always be aware of their surroundings, be courteous and respectful of others, and know who to contact in an emergency. Overall, however, Edmonton is a safe option for women traveling alone.

Which cities are safer for women traveling alone: ​​Method

To create the global Women Solo Travel Index, a list of all relevant cities in every country in the world was first compiled. All cities were then analyzed for the following factors:

The one perceived by women security at night examines the percentage of women who felt safe walking alone at night in the city or area where they lived. This factor has a weight of four and is considered the most important factor in this study.

brightness at night analyzes the lighting data in each city and uses it as an indicator of night brightness (street / artificial lighting) for women walking alone. This factor was weighted twice in the evaluation.

The increase in crime over the past three years provides an indication of how much crime has risen in each city over the past three years, with reports showing that levels have risen since the pandemic. This factor has a weight of three and is considered the second most important factor in this study.

To the city ​​safety for women traveling alone, you need to look at more than just road safety and crime rates. Safety also depends on the customs and legislation of a destination.

the mobility rights of women refer to restrictions on women’s freedom of action and movement, analyzing the following questions: Can a woman choose her place of residence in the same way as a man? Can a woman travel outside the home like a man? Can a woman apply for a passport in the same way as a man? Can a woman travel abroad like a man? This question has a weight of two.

the prevalence of violence in Life examines the percentage of women in a country who have experienced physical and / or sexual violence at the hands of an intimate partner in their lifetime. Although it refers directly to domestic violence, it is a good indicator of attitudes towards violence against women in this country. This has a weight of two.

Dealing within a country COVID-19. Data shows that 49% of women traveling alone consider it “extremely important” or “very important” to address the Covid-19 pandemic when choosing a travel destination. To analyze this, we looked at data showing how countries have handled the pandemic in the 43 weeks since the 100th confirmed case of COVID-19. This is weighted with one in the ranking.

Equally important is the question of how much it costs for women traveling alone to take security measures in each city.

of the Price for a taxi based on the average price of a taxi ride per kilometer to get home safely at night.

of the Price for a studio apartment based on the average price of a one bedroom apartment in each city for one night.

Holidu used a variety of credible sources to find data for each of the above categories, then ranked the cities first to last based on that data. Cities for which a complete dataset was not available were removed from the index. The results were then added together to get an overall score and the destinations were ranked based on that overall score. Sources include Gallup, the World Bank, and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. The list of cities included all cities in Resonance’s “World’s Best Cities” and Euro Monitor’s “Top 100 City Destinations” lists, as well as some additional cities from credible sources such as Culture Trip and Business Insider on popular city destinations.

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