Tourist Bus Simulator will arrive on consoles in May

The Paderborn simulation specialists from Aerosoft brings the Tourist bus simulator to the next generation. The title, developed by veteran simulation experts, will be released in May TML Studios from Erfurt, for Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5. Tourist Bus Simulator is the first bus simulation released by Aerosoft for current consoles: the title is already available for PC and has been able to create a large fan base there.

Tourist Bus Simulator offers a detailed replica of the Spanish island of Fuerteventura with a large number of roads, dirt roads, towns, villages and beautiful beaches. All areas can be guided. Thanks to the 1: 5 scale, long bus journeys in the MAN Lion’s Coach can be completed in convenient travel time. The bus is available in two sizes and different designs to suit the respective task.

On Fuerteventura, players create their own bus empire. The wider the range of scheduled trips, hotel shuttles and guided tours, the more passengers are attracted. The tasks of the players include not only traveling across the island, but also managing the fleet, including regular vehicle care and maintenance and personnel planning. Players can reinvest their profits in a variety of ways, such as by buying real estate, expanding their fleet or hiring more staff.

Main features of the tourist bus simulator

By bus via Fuerteventura: 20 cities and beaches faithfully reproduced in detail, but also mountain passes and impressive views, as well as three ports await bus drivers and their passengers. There are hiding places and other unusual places for players to discover.

Wide choice of vehicles: Players explore the Canary Islands behind the wheel of the MAN Lion’s Coach and Lion’s Coach C. Different bus models are available which are thematically appropriate for the respective tasks. There is also an off-road vehicle and a service vehicle.

Arriving passengers and bus drivers: At each stop, players must pay particular attention to boarding and disembarking passengers. Away from the tours, drivers have the option to get off the buses and walk freely around the area.

Versatile offer – only the best for passengers: Players offer their passengers a convenient hotel shuttle service and take them from the airport to the hotel and back. Tourists are transported across the entire island on scheduled trips, while sightseeing tours allow you to visit interesting places on a self-created route.

Extensive fleet management: From buying new buses, through stable Wi-Fi connections, to taking out insurance, there is a lot to consider when using a bus. Regular vehicle care and maintenance are just as important as filling the bus tanks for upcoming tours or a well-stocked parts shop. Repairs and services can be used both in our workshop and in an external workshop. In order to create space for more vehicles, the depot will be expanded if necessary. After long journeys across the island, the vehicles are cleaned in the car wash. To be protected in an emergency, players can also take out insurance for their company.

Personal management: New drivers, tour guides and mechanics need to be recruited for the ever-growing bus empire. At the same time, players support staff in finding apartments and looking for fitness centers and other recreational activities. Food should also not be overlooked.

Property purchase: Players invest their income in condos or even villas that can be furnished. In this way, step by step, they reach a higher standard of living.

From beginner to professional driver: Thanks to good driving performance, players gain more and more experience and thus level up.

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