12 things forbidden to travelers in Italy

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Millions of tourists come to Rome and Venice every year – especially in the high season in the summer it is noisy, dirty and overcrowded. To curb mass tourism, cruise ships are no longer authorized to dock in the historic center of Venice and a compulsory ticket from summer 2022 should better control the flow of tourists.

But other regulations should also help keep chaos in check. Local authorities strictly monitor and distribute fines, warnings and dismissals. In order for there to be no problems during your next vacation in Italy, you should rather not do these twelve things.

1. Sitting in the Spanish Steps in Rome

From this summer you can no longer sit in the Spanish Steps in Rome. If you do this anyway, you have to pay a fine of up to 400 euros. In August, police officers even came to chase away seated tourists with whistles.

Incidentally, it is also forbidden to drag a suitcase or a stroller up one of the 135 steps.

Thousands of tourists flock to the Spanish Steps in Rome every day. Sitting here is prohibited from summer 2019.

2. Buy tickets for the black market

Fast lane tickets, which allow you to bypass the queue and enter directly, are no longer permitted in many places. For example, in historical places like the Vatican in Rome.

Also, you can only buy your ticket inside the attraction – this is meant to curb the black market. The violation will result in a penalty for both the seller and the buyer.

Get in Line – It is no longer allowed to buy fast-lane tickets in front of historic attractions such as the Vatican.

3. Drink alcohol

Again and again drunk tourists behave badly in Rome: the city wants to stop it. Therefore, guided tours of the bar in large groups are prohibited. In case of violation, there is a penalty for suppliers and tourists.

Additionally, a new police regulation stipulates that tourists are not allowed to drink alcohol in public between 10pm and 7am. Bars can also serve alcoholic beverages until 2am only.


4. Make music

It is forbidden to sing and make music in the places of interest in Rome. If you don’t stick to this, you can expect to be expelled.

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In Rome it is forbidden to sing and make music in places of interest.

5. Attach the love locks

You shouldn’t hang a love lock on a bridge in Italy, especially in Venice and Rome it is strictly prohibited. A fine awaits you if you violate it.

Love hangs on the bridge railing – actually a nice photo, but strictly forbidden in Venice.

6. Drink from public fountains

When drinking from public fountains, be careful not to touch the metal tap with your lips. Do as the Italians do: take the water in your hand and drink it. Alternatively, you can take a bottle with you. The violation will result in dismissal.

Your lips must not touch the tap when drinking from public fountains.