End of compulsory tests in schools – virologist: “Flying blind is not a good idea”

GENEVA. Virologist Prof. Isabella Eckerle, head of the Center for Novel Viral Diseases at the University Hospitals of Geneva (where she researches the role of children in the transmission of the Corona), has opposed the widespread assessment on Twitter that protective measures against the omicron variant however of the virus – and are therefore superfluous even in schools.

The corona virus is still passing through schools: only politicians are no longer interested. Photo: Shutterstock

In a so-called “thread” (a series of short posts) he writes: “So far they have been spared by the # COVID19 # SARSCoV2. , shops, train), restaurant / bar only outside, I only visit family / friends without symptoms and with a quick #test. “

“I have been on vacation several times in the past two years, met friends / family regularly, worked in the clinic / laboratory in almost all waves except Delta (no contact with patients), 9 months of them (before vaccination) also as person at risk. Attention + definitely a little luck. “

“That doesn’t mean it’s your fault if you get infected. If you have school-age children, all this caution is useless if the infections come home from school. But: Avoiding infection and living a basically normal life is okay enough for many. areas “.

“I am convinced that constantly wearing a mask inside (everyone) and avoiding large crowds inside is the simplest and best protection. Many times even masked contact with unknown infected colleagues and employees. Fortunately there are still masks in ours. clinic! “

“As a team leader, I recommend symptomatic employees / those in contact with # SARSCOV2 to temporarily work from home. If you have symptoms, get tested immediately and repeatedly. Patients stay at home until the rapid negative test. Limit one little daily work, but always better for everyone “.

“Obviously it is a privilege to be able to work from home, to be able to make decisions about many things at work, a reasonable environment, no school-age children, etc. However, it is not true that protection from infection is impossible at Omikron or just as ‘caveman’. “

“Omicron BA.2, 3, 4, 5, 6, XD, XF, Pi, … or any variant will probably happen to me at some point and as a person vaccinated 3 times it probably won’t be a catastrophe. However, I believe it is it is always better not to get infected or get infected as little as possible “.

“I believe if you have access to the right information, you can better protect yourself and others. Statements like” The pandemic is over, the virus is now endemic, omicron is mild, good for children, masks are not needed and the lack of understanding of airborne transmission does not help. “

“Nobody knows what next autumn winter will be like, but I am convinced that we are not well prepared and we will be ‘surprised’. If #LongCovid and other complications of the infection have the dimensions that are emerging, that’s not good news at all. “

“Living with the virus works best when the virus has as little space in our lives as possible, instead of ignoring it or wishing it away. And: We still need good monitoring and sequencing. It’s not a good idea to fly blind now.

“As an employer, colleague, client, etc., everyone can make a contribution to ensure that there is as little virus as possible and as much life as possible without COVID19: with masks, tests, staying at home if you are sick, a little ‘of consideration and caution. The elephant in the room remains: the children. ” News4 teachers

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