Fiat 500e rental – The best offers at a glance

Fiat 500e rents the most important things in short

  • Align: The Fiat 500e is delivered in two variants, in which batteries of different sizes are installed. The cheapest model runs a realistic 150 kilometers with a battery size of 23.8 kWh, while the more expensive version with the 42 kWh battery can cover around 270 kilometers.
  • Loading system: A fast charging system is installed in the Fiat 500e, so that 80 percent of the battery can be reached in 35 minutes at the appropriate charging stations.
  • Full speed: Despite its small size, the Fiat 500e can reach a top speed of 150 km / h.

Fiat 500e profile

template Fiat 500e
vehicle type small car
seats 4
doors 3
full speed 150 km / h
Acceleration (0 to 100 km / h) 9 seconds

With 23.8 kWh battery:

  • 150 km (summer)
  • 115 km (winter)

With 42 kWh battery:

  • 270 km (summer)
  • 205 km (winter)
Fast charging times (85 kW) 80%: 0:35
100%: 1: 05h
Wall box charging times (11 kW) 4:15 hours
Charging times Schuko plug (3.7 kW) 18 hours
performance 95 hp
Price from € 26,000

Offers of the Fiat 500e in leasing

Fiat 500e buying advice: the most important factors at a glance

In order not to be disappointed with the new electric car in the end, it is necessary to collect as much information as possible about the vehicle in advance. However, what really matters in an electric car and electric car leasing is not clear to many buyers.

The following list shows all the important factors to consider before renting a Fiat 500e:

Vehicle type of the Fiat 500e: The Fiat 500e is one Microcar or small car call. This designation is used for the smallest car dimensions.

Seats of the Fiat 500e: Since the Fiat 500e is a small car, the vehicle only delivers four places. To facilitate access to the rear seat, the model has an additional door on the right side, so it has a total of three doors.

Autonomy on Fiat 500e: The range of an electric vehicle is the decisive argument for many interested parties. Compared to classic combustion engines, this is lower in electric cars and the charging time is always longer than in classic refueling.

The Fiat 500e is available in two variants with different batteries. That cheaper model it has a smaller battery which is 23.8 kWh ea Autonomy of 150 kilometers allowed. For a fee customers can also get the model with the larger battery. This has a capacity of 42 kWh and thus creates realistic scenarios 270 kilometers.

A notification: The indication of the range of an electric vehicle usually refers to a measured value that has been reached at a speed of 100 km / h.

Loading times of the Fiat 500e: The charging times of an electric car are also an extremely important factor to consider. The Fiat 500e has one practical quick charge functionthanks to which the electric car 80 percent of the battery can be recharged in 35 minutes can.

However, this fast charging function is only possible at corresponding charging stations with a charging capacity of 85 kW. By way of comparison, a charging capacity of up to 11 kW can be achieved by using a wall box connected to your home.

The charging speed of 85 kW works, but the Fiat 500e is only charged up to 30 percent of the battery. The charging power is then constantly reduced until the battery level reaches 85% and the remaining 15% is charged with 12 kW.

The Fiat 500e can be charged with 3.7 watts via a standard Schuko socket, but the wall boxes charge via AC and are about five times faster than an outlet. In our wall box test comparison, we reveal which wall boxes are particularly useful.

Top speed of the Fiat 500e: As there is currently no speed limit in Germany, the maximum speed of a vehicle is still relevant to many buyers. Despite the low price, the Fiat 500e doesn’t have to hide here and makes one good top speed of 150km / h.

Acceleration on the Fiat 500e: The Fiat 500e may not accelerate like a sports car, but it still manages to make the leap from 15 km / h to 30 km / h in just under a second and accelerated from 0 to 100 km / h in just 9 seconds.

price and locationR.eaten of the Fiat 500e: The purchase price of an electric car is usually the deciding factor for the model’s lease rate. The Fiat 500e is available from 26,000 euros and can it can therefore be rented relatively cheaply.

In our offers there is, for example, an option for a Fiat 500e leasing contract two years with an annual mileage of 10,000 kilometers at 188 euros per month. What is particularly interesting about the offer is that it is the Fiat 500e with a large 42 kWh battery and therefore offers a significantly longer range. Status: (04/2022)

In our electric car leasing comparison you will find offers for all current electric cars and detailed advice to help you make your decision.

Fiat 500e test results

  • The small electric car was able to convince in the ADAC’s Fiat 500e test and, according to the testers, offers an attractive offer. (Status: 08/2021)
  • In the Fiat 500e test by, the electric car received 3.3 out of 6 stars. The precision of driving dynamics and workmanship were criticized, while the excellent efficiency of the template. (Status: 07/2021)
  •’s Fiat 500e test showed that the small car was in the center of the field in the test results ranking. (Status: 02/2022)
  • For, the Fiat 500e impressed in the test with a lively driving experience, fast charging and solid range. (Status: 12/2021)

Can you rent a Fiat 500e?

Yes, the Fiat 500e is available from many electric car rental providers. Both the variant with a 23.8 kWh battery and the model with a 42 kWh battery are available.

How much does it cost to rent a Fiat 500e?

The Fiat 500e is for private customers available particularly cheaply in leasing. Nice from 99 euros gross per month the small car can be hired. Also, one falls Deposit of 6,000 euros A. However, this fee can be fully reimbursed by BAFA if the The lease has a minimum duration of 24 months.

What is a good leasing factor for a Fiat 500e?

A good leasing factor for the Fiat 500e is 0.46 It’s guaranteed excellent offer in the current market situation (Status: 04/2022).

The leasing factor indicates the percentage ratio between the lease value and the monthly rent. Value is meant to help potential customers compare different offers effectively. The lower the lease value, the better the offer.

What is the range of the Fiat 500e?

The range of the Fiat 500e depends on the vehicle version as the model is sold with two different battery sizes. With the smaller battery they are at 100 km / h, normal driving style and outside temperature of 20 degrees 150 kilometers possible while the bigger battery under the same conditions, a range up to 270 kilometers allows.

How long does a Fiat 500 electric car charge?

With a AC connection it can be in the Fiat 500e 80 percent battery in 3 hours load. According to the manufacturer, this corresponds to approximately 83 kilometers per hour. With a fast charging port another 50 kilometers of range can be gained in five minutes and 80 percent of full capacity in 35 minutes.

What are the advantages of the Fiat 500e?

The Fiat 500e offers the following advantages:

  • quick charge function
  • Good battery up to 42 kWh
  • Economic rental
  • Sufficient autonomy for shorter trips and cities
  • Electric door opener
  • Good acceleration

What are the disadvantages of the Fiat 500e?

The Fiat 500e has the following disadvantages:

  • High acquisition costs
  • Insufficient range for long journeys
  • The steering is spongy

What alternatives to the Fiat 500e are there?

The most popular alternatives to the Fiat 500e include the following models:

  • Suzuki Swift
  • Renault Twingo
  • Mini Cooper SE
  • Dacia Spring

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