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Markt Oberstaufen with its four districts of Oberstaufen, Steibis, Aach and Thalkirchdorf is diverse. All the facts about the recognized spa resort in the Allgäu.

Oberstaufen he is known to both vacationers and locals for his Schroth care. The place is the only recognized Schroth spa in Germany and has been offering this special cure for over 70 years. In addition to this offer, Oberstaufen im Allgaeu but many other facets.

The history of Oberstaufen

The area around Staufen was first mentioned in a document in 868 AD. For this reason in 2018 the place celebrated its 1150th anniversary. In 1453 Staufen was therefore elevated to market status. After the place belonged for a very short time to Austria in the early 19th century, it definitively became part of the kingdom in 1806 Bavaria connected. Shortly thereafter, in 1808, Staufen was divided into four political communities: Staufen, Aach, Stiefenhofen and Thalkirchdorf.

The story of Schroth spa Oberstaufen began in 1949 with the first guest, the spa doctor Dr. Herman Brosig treated with the Schroth cure. From that moment on, the place was inextricably linked to the special care method and in 1959 it was even recognized as the only Schroth spa in Germany. In 1969 Oberstaufen was recognized as a health resort and in 1991 it was recognized as a Schroth spa. Finally, in 1972, the individual communities were merged to form the market town of Obertaufen.

Where is Oberstaufen?

Markt Oberstaufen is located in the Bavarian district Oberallgäu and in the border area with Austria Vorarlberg and the Western Allgaeu. About 7,200 people currently live in Oberstaufen. The municipality also has around 3,000 registered secondary residences. A total of four districts belong to the municipality of Oberstaufen, which in turn has its own smaller districts: Oberstaufen, Steibis, Aach and Thalkirchdorf. From a landscape point of view, Oberstaufen is the tourist center of the Nagelfluhkette Nature Park.

Oberstaufen itself has its own train station. The railway line from libroloe to Lindau. By car, Oberstaufen can be reached mainly via the B308, which passes directly beyond the village. In addition, several buses depart from the station, for example to the Hochgrat or Imberg mountain railways, as well as to Immenstadt or Isny.

Oberstaufen: Germany’s only Schroth spa

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The Schroth cure is the only outlet in Oberstaufen and, according to the company, is currently offered in 22 local hotels. What makes the cure special are its four pillars: diet, cleansing packs, dry and drunk days, rest and exercise. This combination aims to bring the body back into balance and activate its self-healing and defenses. Naturopathic treatment has existed for over 200 years and has been used in Oberstaufen for around 70 years.

The goal of the Schroth cure is to balance the body.

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What does Oberstaufen offer to hikers?

Oberstaufen is located in the center of the nature park Nagelfluh chain, which features over 350 kilometers of hiking trails. There are tours in Allgäu Alps possible, for example on the “local mountain” of Oberstaufen high ridge, as well as smaller tours for families. The German-Austrian Nagelfluhkette Nature Park project constitutes the largest contiguous alpine area in Bavaria. The nature park covers a total of 24,700 hectares in the Oberallgäu district and 16,300 hectares in the adjacent Bregenz Forest, which belongs to Austria. There are a total of three ski lifts near Oberstaufen that transport hikers to the most famous peaks:

  • The Hochgratbahn
  • The dog track
  • The Imbergbahn

There is also a summer toboggan run on the Hündle, open daily from 10:00 to 17:00 in dry weather.

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Impressions of the Nagelfluhkette in the Allgäu Alps

For example, the following routes are available for beginners:

  • Schwarzenbachtal circular walk: takes about two hours and leads in the direction of Zell.

  • Oberer Panoramaweg: lasts just under an hour and offers views over the village, Steibis and the Nagelfluh range.

  • Alpine adventure trail on the Imberg: lasts between two and a half and three hours and has a lot to offer, especially for families.

Further routes and hiking tips can be found at oberstaufen.de.

What are the attractions of Oberstaufen?

In addition to its popularity for spa treatments, Oberstaufen has other tourist attractions to offer. The Buchenegger Falls, for example, are about a ten-minute drive from Oberstaufen. There you can hike and swim on a hot summer day.

Buchenegger Falls are a popular destination near Oberstaufen.

Buchenegger Falls are a popular destination near Oberstaufen.

Image: Munkler

On rainy days, for example, you can visit the Oberstaufen village museum. It is located on a small, approximately 300-year-old farm next to the St. George’s Chapel in Knechtenhofen. Furthermore, Oberstaufen has a lively city center with many shops and a few village shops.

Other attractions in Oberstaufen include:

  • the adventure pool “Aquaria Oberstaufen” (Alpenstrasse 5, 87534 Oberstaufen)
  • the Oberstaufen PARK with a mini golf course and a large playground for children
  • the Catholic Parish Church of San Pietro e Paolo
  • an exhibition dairy with a cheese school, where visitors can also make their own cheese

Oberstaufen: economy and tourism

As a popular holiday destination, tourism is the main source of income in Oberstaufen. According to their own information, the region is done 7,700 beds for guests. In 2019 the gross turnover of the tourism sector was 187.5 million euros. According to the Oberstaufen Tourismus Marketing GmbH, the hotel sector, “especially the superior hotel sector”, forms the basis of the tourist offer in Oberstaufen.

Fasnatzie Day and Viehscheid: Events in Oberstaufen

  • An important traditional event is the annual “Staufner Fasnatziestag” on Shrove Tuesday. Contrary to what the date suggests, the tradition has nothing to do with the carnival. Instead, an ensign carries a flag as part of a festive procession through the village, accompanied by “unmarried companions”. During a commemoration, the flag waves, which is considered the centerpiece of the party. The parade dates back to the time of the great plague epidemic in the 17th century and is celebrated in this way only in Oberstaufen.
  • The second Friday of September takes place on Scheidplatz in Höfen, the second Friday of September.
  • During the Easter holidays of 2022, a so-called pop up cinema opened. Various films will be screened for a total of six days over a two-week period. This offer was already available during the winter holidays 2021/22.
  • Regularly different laboratories on topics such as flora and fauna or Schroth cures.
  • In Oberstaufen it takes place at regular intervals Weekly and farmers’ market instead of. The exact dates for the markets can be found here.
  • There are also a number of arts and crafts markets in the summer. In this overview you can find an overview of all important market dates in the Allgäu.

Winter sports in Oberstaufen

There is a long tradition of winter sports in Oberstaufen. The “Skiclub 1908 Oberstaufen” (today SC Oberstaufen) was founded as early as 1908. Until 1992, Oberstaufen held numerous FIS World Cup races, including, for example, a men’s slalom race in 1987. After the 1992 no more official competitions took place because FIS snowmaking systems have since become the standard for World Cup locations.

Oberstaufen’s most important winter sporting event today is the annual winter triathlon. Participants compete in the disciplines of cross-country skiing, mountain biking and cross-country skiing – mind you, non-stop. Since 1999 Oberstaufen has been home to German championships and international competitions of this sport. Even amateurs can try triathlon in Oberstaufen over a shorter distance.

But Oberstaufen also offers a number of opportunities for skiers and snowboarders. There are four ski areas in total around Oberstaufen: Imbergbahn, Hündlebahn, Hochgratbahn and the Sinswanger lifts. Together they form around 38 kilometers of pistes. There are also numerous kilometers of slopes for cross-country skiers. There is also the possibility of snowshoeing and sledding.

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