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Altenstadt: wooden bench destroyed

Strangers destroyed a park bench on the cycle path between Lindheim and Enzheim. They apparently set fire to the wood on the adjacent dirt road and placed the slats of the bench on it. The battens did not catch fire. The damage amounts to 500 euros. The police are investigating the damage to the property. Who has noticed people in the area of ​​the cycle path between Friday (22/04/2022) and Saturday (23/04/2022), 12:15 pm? Information is requested from the Büdingen police on Tel .: (06042) 96480.

Büdingen-Düdelsheim: wheels stolen

The 17-inch dual-spoke aluminum wheels with summer tires from the Mini brand were stolen between Thursday (21 April 2022) at 20:00 and Saturday (23 April 2022) at 8:30. The bicycles were stored in a locked oil tank room of a house on “An den Steinern” street. Who can provide information on where the € 1,600 wheelset is located? Witnesses are invited to contact the Büdingen police on Tel .: (06042) 96480.

Nidda: Garbage cans set on fire

Attentive witnesses reported burning garbage cans in the SC Viktoria Nidda clubhouse on Gymnasiumstrasse on Sunday (April 24, 2022) at 5:30 pm. Apparently strangers had set the garbage cans on fire. The fire damaged an adjacent metal tool shed. The damage amounts to 1,500 euros. The Büdingen police ask for information on Tel .: (06042) 96480.

Bad Nauheim: stolen license plate

Between 5:30 pm on Thursday and 3:15 pm on Sunday (April 24, 2022), strangers stole the rear license plate of a Skoda. During this time, the red Fabia was parked in the Bahnhof Ost Park & ​​Ride car park. The damage to the property is estimated at 20 euros. Friedberg Police inquires about the whereabouts of the license plate on Tel .: (06031) 6010.

Niddatal-Ilbenstadt: raid on the school

During the Easter holidays, between 11 April 2022 and Sunday (24 April 2022), strangers broke into the Eichendorff school. First they damaged a basement window and entered through the glass into the school basement. The thieves searched the room. At the moment it is not possible to provide information on possible thefts. The repair of the window will cost around 200 euros. The police investigate and ask: Who has noticed suspicious people or vehicles in the Schulstrasse area? Friedberg Police get tips over the phone: (06031) 6010.

Bad Vilbel-Dortelweil: Thieves target mountain bikes

On the night from Saturday to Sunday (April 24, 2022), cheeky thieves stole a black mountain bike from the manufacturer “Marin” on Friedberger Straße. The owner had chained the bike to the window grille in front of the front door with a padlock. The value of the bike is estimated at 500 euros. Who has noticed people with a bicycle between 00:30 and 8:30? Who can provide information on the Bobcat Trail 9.5 mountain bike? Witnesses are asked to notify the police in Bad Vilbel on Tel (06101) 54600.

Wölfersheim-Berstadt: cable thieves at work

Sometime before Saturday (04/23/2022), 10:00 am, strangers broke into a warehouse. Apparently, they arrived at the premises on “Am Sauerborn” street via an adjacent bridge. There they pushed a roller door and entered the hall, which had not been used for several years. The thieves cut and stole all the power cables in the building leading to the fuse box. Strangers damaged the box. At the moment it is not possible to provide information on the extent of the damage. The police are investigating burglary, property damage and trespassing and are asking for information on Tel .: (06031) 6010.

Ortenberg: Rescue Operation – The 13-year-old slipped while climbing the quarry

On Saturday evening (April 23, 2022), around 6 pm, the police were called for a rescue operation. Firefighters and the Scottish Mountain Rescue Service have also been alerted. In Ortenberg, a 13-year-old boy slipped while playing in the “Am Gaulsberg” quarry on the western side of the quarry crater and called the emergency call. He was hanging unprotected on the inside wall of the quarry and threatening to fall. The mountain rescue service managed to abseil down to the 13-year-old and secure him. The alerted police helicopter picked up another mountain rescue service and tied it with a rope at the crash site. The boy was stopped with a winch by the police helicopter and was rescued unharmed.

Kerstin Müller, press officer

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