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Lego design is Thore Michel’s passion. Her latest project: A Lübeck set with the Holsten Gate and the seven towers. A visit to the workshop.

by Astrid Wulf

Thore Michels is crazy about Legos. For as long as he can remember, he has been fascinated by colored stones. At one point, the 17-year-old from Lübeck got tired of building only Lego kits according to his instructions. Instead, Thore Michels prefers to build completely new landscapes, buildings and scenes, now she even designs kits of him. His latest project: The landmarks of the Hanseatic city of Lübeck in 337 parts.

Lego’s “Architecture” series, among other things, inspired him to create the Lübeck kit, especially kits for the skylines of cosmopolitan cities like London, Paris and Berlin. Assembled, the most important landmarks of the cities are aligned on an area of ​​about 30 x 10 centimeters. A visit to the “Hansesteinreich-Lego Time Travel” exhibition at the European Hansemuseum in Lübeck gave Thore Michels the final impetus needed to realize his idea: “I always wanted to recreate the Lübeck skyline”.

Challenge: convert the details of the old city into bricks

Thore Michels now designs the kits on the computer using a special program with which he virtually combines and assembles the Lego bricks. The biggest challenge is also what she finds particularly attractive in Legos: there is only a limited repertoire of bricks and shapes that she has to use creatively. For the Holstentor, the medieval buildings, a sailing ship in the canal – and the church spiers of the old town: “They are actually used for unicorns. In this green sand they fit perfectly into church steeples,” enthuses the 17-year-old. old.

Thore Michels has worked for a Brandenburg company since she was 15, designing original Lego brick kits based on customer needs. Thus, for example, small Lego houses are created for construction companies. This company now also brings together the Lübeck Lego sets. The sets cost € 79 and are suitable for children aged ten and over. The special edition is only available in the European Hansemuseum shop, provided it is in stock. According to Birgit Röder, head of the museum shop, around 300 parcels have already been delivered to the counter in three weeks: “We have been overwhelmed and have just ordered a later delivery.”

A dream come true for young Lego designers

The exhibition “Hansesteinreich – a Lego travel through time” at the European Hansemuseum then gave him the decisive impetus to design a “Lübeck skyline”.

Having designed a Lego kit completely from the idea for the first time after some commissioned work is something very special for Thore Michels. “To have designed something that other people can buy as a kit and have fun with it is a dream come true for me.” He estimates it would take him about an hour and a half to see the skyline. He doesn’t know exactly, he hasn’t assembled the set himself yet. “I’ve thought about it, that’s enough for me,” he says with a smile.

Thore Michels can well imagine working full time as a Lego designer at some point: “I want to apply for Lego, but not right after school.” First of all she wants to study – something technical, of course.

Additional information

The Holsten Gate in Lübeck, a landmark of the city © Tourismusamt Lübeck Photo: Torsten Krüger

Old Hanseatic towns or the Viking settlement of Haithabu – ten locations in northern Germany are officially on the UNESCO World Heritage List. moreover

Whale model and fossil whale skeletons in the Museum of Nature and the Environment in Lübeck © NDR Photo: Irene Altenmüller

Ten-million-year-old whale skeletons, extraterrestrial rocks and indigenous turtles – the Lübeck Nature and Environment Museum displays a multitude of special natural treasures. moreover

View from Trave on the waterfront of the old town of Travemünde.  © picture alliance Photo: Andreas Franke

The popular seaside resort has a lovely old town, the largest ferry port on the Baltic Sea and the tallest lighthouse in Europe. moreover

Port of museums on the Untertrave in Lübeck.  © Birgit Roth Photo: Birgit Roth

Traditional ships swing on the Untertrave in front of a historic swing bridge, the terraces over the water invite you to take a break. moreover

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