The new boss is an old acquaintance

Haan City Planning Bureau has a new boss
The new boss is an old acquaintance

After a two-year vacation when Peter Sangermann moved to Heinsberg, the Office for Urban Planning and Survey finally has a new manager in the 35-year-old land planner Martin Stolz. In particular, it looks forward to the redesign of the city center, including the squares, the pedestrian area and the town hall.

Martin Stolz is not a new face in the construction administration of the city of Haan. The graduate in spatial planning from Solingen has been working in the garden city planning office since 2018 with a focus on land use planning. Since 1 October this year he has been head of the Office for Urban Planning and Surveying under the new Technical Assistant Christine-Petra Schacht.

He completed his spatial planning studies at TU Dortmund and then completed a two-year urban planning clerk at the Cologne district government, where he was responsible for the development and marketing of commercial spaces in the city of Leverkusen. With the know-how he gathered, he moved on to economic development in Velbert, where he was responsible, among other things, for the shopping center in the city center. Stolz found his next professional position in the Ratingen town planning office. There he was mainly responsible for the commercial areas in the districts of Tiefenbroich and Ratingen-West.

The move to Haan in 2018, the 35-year-old father of a nearly two-year-old daughter says, was a conscious decision. “On the one hand, I was attracted by the proximity to my place of residence in Solingen-Ohligs, but also by the smaller community and therefore by the more compact administration, where you also have contacts with other specialized offices”, says Stolz. As a space planner in Haan, he has so far been involved in urban development, landscape planning and traffic planning. Very different tasks that the larger cities could not offer him and that make his work varied. “I was able to learn a lot from this.”

So now the promotion to head of the office for urban planning and surveying – it’s not a matter of course, as new deputy technician Christine-Petra Schacht points out. The shortage of skilled labor is also noticeable in the construction administration, where “it becomes increasingly difficult to find suitable skilled labor. That is why I am very happy that Mr. Stolz has been found at the head of the town planning office ”. Now he knows the garden city well and sees great development potential in it.

The greatest potential, says Stolz, is in the center of Haan, where a good basis for the development of the city center has already been created with the integrated action plan. However, further challenges in the future will also be the changed climatic conditions, which will also be reflected in the planning of the construction. Drawing up creative plans and verifying construction plans for applicable building law, as well as being the link between the various administrative offices, are all part of Martin Stolz’s new tasks. As the new boss, he is currently in charge of six colleagues, soon seven, including other planners and surveyors. Two positions are currently being advertised: one as a successor to a retiring colleague, the other newly created to face future challenges.

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