This is how the Zwei Emmerich company designed the first logo of the city

FirmaZwei develops the first city logo for the city of Emmerich. Three proposals are put forward. Creation is a long process.

He has already designed a logo for the city of Emmerich. But that was a while ago. “I was still a student at the time,” smiles 45-year-old Simon Berntsen. At that time he submitted the project to a competition, but nothing happened. Until today.

Because years later, the Emmericher – but this time with a team at his side – is puzzling again. Namely, what the new and actually the first logo of the city of Emmerich should look like.

Happy to be able to develop the logo as local heroes

Simon Berntsen founded FirmaZwei with his business partner Arndt Wiebus. Initially active in Düsseldorf, a branch on the Emmerich Rhine promenade has also existed for three years. Together with Ota Wennekers from Elten, Simon Berntsen gives free rein to his creativity here.

When the opportunity arose to design the Emmerich city logo on the one hand and to develop holistic city marketing on the other, “we made a great effort to get this job in our home country.”

FirmaZwei designs Emmerich’s first city logo

FirmenZwei was able to convince with a good idea. “It is an honor to be able to do this now,” says Berntsen. He and his team, other people from Düsseldorf are also involved in the development process and know how important it is. Why: The Emmerich bucket on a red background, which has been used as a sort of “logo” up to now, is now being transformed into something new.

“Actually the first ever Emmerich logo,” explains Ota Wennekers. Because the well-known “bucket” is actually the city’s coat of arms. “And even that won’t go away with the new city logo,” says Wennekers, well aware of Emmerich’s great love for their bucket.

Confrontation with citizens as an important basis

So “that’s right” creating a new logo is not. It should be healthy. “That’s why we also conducted a survey and started a conversation with the Emmerichers about the market,” says Berntsen. Both, he points out, were very important. Of course, there were also critical voices. For example, if Emmerich would have no other problems besides a new logo. But: “It concerns the public image of the city, the effect on tourists, companies and citizens”.

At the end of the road there will be a new logo. “But also new writings and more,” says Berntsen. Incidentally, three logos are presented and one of them is selected. There were about 30 drafts. The three that will be presented – the mayor will see them for the first time in late November – are now ready.

A logo must work well across all channels

“They are now being tested for their effectiveness,” says Berntsen. It’s everywhere. This means: the new logo has to work in different places. It must be clearly visible on the letterhead, but also on a banner or sticker. In order for the logo to be easily recognizable everywhere, a logo must not be too small. Rather straightforward, simple. “But it has to show what’s going on. It creates a connection with the city. By depicting a brand,” says Berntsen.

So the three suggestions will obviously also include one that will continue to carry Emmerich’s bucket. Only clearer, probably. The authors worked their way up to the final proposal through various testing processes. “You try very hard. Try to take on new perspectives, “says Berntsen.

The team welcomes feedback shortly

Berntsen and his team are delighted that the proposals can finally be shown soon. As a customer, the city did not see any provisional results, or rather did not want to see them. “The managers have total confidence in us. I find it really cool, “Berntsen says happily. He adds:” But I’m in a good mood for everything to be accepted. We have laid a good foundation “.

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