This is where the work in the RV works best

Daily work in a camper instead of at home is becoming more and more attractive for many. Thanks to this great interest, the PaulCamper positioning platform has identified the best places where it is easy to work from the camper.

Especially during the pandemic, many people have realized that life is too short to postpone or even give up on the dream of traveling the world. In addition, the willingness of most companies to enable remote work and home office is likely to have increased. This and rising cost of living and property prices are leading to a growing interest in a nomadic lifestyle.

Using extensive data, PaulCamper has created a ranking of countries that would-be nomads should visit based on several criteria. For this purpose, various factors were analyzed, including:

  • Wi-Fi speed
  • Fuel costs
  • Daily cost of a balanced diet
  • life satisfaction
  • weather
  • road quality
  • vehicle theft

The best countries to work in motorhomes

1st place: United Arab Emirates

With the best WiFi, the rarest rainfall and very good roads, the UAE ranks first for the so-called WFV (Working from Van). The camping season runs from November to December. There are two main types of camping trips in the UAE: long-term camping and day camping. Long-term camping is regulated by the state. Therefore, nomads who want to stay in the country for a longer period of time need a permit.

The United Arab Emirates is the best country to work in a motorhome

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However, seasoned campers still recommend the UAE for shorter trips only, as only a few campsites offer the opportunity to fill up with water, charge batteries, and dispose of wastewater. But for fascinating cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it’s definitely worth a stop and get a taste of this beautiful country and its stunning architectural monuments.

2nd place: Denmark

While Denmark doesn’t rank first in any of the individual criteria, its overall result makes it the perfect travel destination for camping holidaymakers. Life satisfaction in Denmark ranks second in a country comparison, food prices are relatively low, and hardly any vehicle theft occurs.

Denmark is considered to be the best place in Europe to work in a motorhome

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3rd place: Australia

At number 3 on the list is Australia, a country that is a popular destination for travelers with its perfect blend of turquoise waters, white sand beaches and vibrant cities.

Down Under is the cheapest option on the list when it comes to healthy meals. Overall, Australia performed well in most of the evaluated criteria: 5th place for Wifi, 6th place for petrol and 8th place for life satisfaction and weather.

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However, when it comes to road quality, Australia only scores 4.81, according to The Global Economy, with 1 being the poorest and 7 being the best. Furthermore, the number of vehicle thefts is very high: 214.1 thefts per 100,000 inhabitants and per year.

However, Australia is the ideal travel destination for motorhomes or mobile homes, as most cities offer plenty of spacious mobile home parking spaces, which are referred to as ‘holiday parks’ here.

The best places in Europe to work in a motorhome

1st place: Denmark

Denmark is not only second on the list of the best countries in the world for nomads. The country automatically tops the list of countries in Europe.

2nd place: Luxembourg

Luxembourg may be very small, but it is the second ranked country for camping in Europe. The country ranks 6th for food prices and 7th for life satisfaction.

Although Luxembourg is so small, it ranks 48th for vehicle thefts – the number of thefts is nearly four times that of Denmark.

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3rd place: Finland

Finland ranks third in the list of best travel destinations for nomads in Europe and sixth in the world. Although this country has rather cool temperatures and offers neither white sand beaches nor warm sea. However, nowhere else in the world is life satisfaction as high. Groceries are relatively cheap and both the internet connection and street quality are fine.

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If you want to enjoy spectacular views over a lake, you should drive the archipelago route to Puumala, in the middle of the lake district in eastern Finland. Cross some of the most beautiful islands, bridges and cliffs in the Saimaa region. If you are looking for wild beauty and maritime atmosphere, and if you want to try water sports like sea kayaking, the coastal and archipelago region is the place for you.

4th place: Switzerland

Switzerland ranks fourth among the best travel destinations for motorhomes. The country has its first place thanks to the quality of the roads and the satisfaction of life. Switzerland is also doing well when it comes to food prices and internet connections. A visit to the city of Geneva with its rolling hills, towering mountains and the largest alpine lake in Europe is a must. Geneva was the setting for the 19th century gothic novel Frankenstein, and to commemorate it there is a statue of Frankenstein’s creation where the monster first struck, in the middle of the Plainpalais.

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scoring method

Data for wifi speed, fuel costs, daily cost of a balanced diet, life satisfaction, rainfall, road quality and vehicle theft was collected from different sources for each country. The countries were then ranked accordingly. The data was collected in December 2021. The recommendations for camping and excursion destinations correspond to the state of January 2022.

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