War in Ukraine in the ticker: dozens of civilians died from metal arrows

The course of the war in Ukraine in the ticker: Autopsies in Bucha: dozens of civilians died from metal arrows

Russia is increasing the pressure in the Donbass and, according to Ukrainian information, has launched attacks along the entire Donetsk front. While Ukraine is hoping for another escape corridor from Mariupol on Saturday, satellite images are said to show more mass graves near the city – not the first. All news on the attack on Ukraine can be found here in the ticker.

The most important thing about the war in Ukraine

09:35 am: Reports of bombing of five railway stations in western and central Ukraine

8:37 am: Autopsy in Bucha: Dozens of civilians died from metal arrows

8:07: British Secret Service: Russia so far without a breakthrough in eastern Ukraine

3:15 am: Another fire in a Russian oil depot near the Ukrainian border

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Moscow: Kremenchuk refinery hit by nine missiles

10:53: According to Moscow, Russian forces fired rockets at a refinery and fuel depot near the city of Kremenchuk in central Ukraine. This was announced on Monday by the Ministry of Defense.

The Ukrainian military administration of the Poltava region announced that nine rockets hit the Kremenchuk refinery and thermal power plant on Sunday evening. The damage to the buildings is considerable, but the fires that broke out have been contained, writes the head of the administration Dmytro Lunin on Telegram. One person was killed and seven others were injured.

According to the military report from Moscow, another 19 missile attacks were aimed at military targets in Ukraine on Monday night. Russian forces claimed to have destroyed each of these targets. Six military targets in the eastern Ukrainian region of Kharkiv were destroyed by rocket launches from aircraft. Since Sunday, Russian artillery has fired on nearly 970 targets. These statements by Moscow about the war were not verifiable.

The bombing of five railway stations in western and central Ukraine was reported

9:35 am: According to Ukrainian sources, several rockets landed in western and central Ukraine on Monday morning. Five train stations were also hit, Ukrainian railways chief Oleksandr Kamyshin said on the company’s Telegram channel. “Russian forces continue to systematically destroy railway infrastructure,” Kamyshin commented.

According to him, the route and timetable of several trains had to be changed for safety reasons. There are conflicting reports on possible injuries. Authorities in the western Ukrainian region of Lviv and Vinnytsia, southwest of Kiev, also reported missile attacks.

Autopsies in Bucha: dozens of civilians died from metal arrows

8:37: It seems that numerous civilian victims in Ukrainian Bucha were killed by the “flechette artillery”. These are tiny metal arrows made of grenades. The British Guardian published corresponding research on Sunday, previously the Washington Post had published testimonies.

Pathologists and coroners who autopsied the bodies in mass graves in the north Kiev region told the Guardian they found small metal darts, called flechettes, in the victims’ heads and chests. “We found several very thin, nail-like objects in the bodies of men and women, as well as my other colleagues in the region,” said Vladyslav Pirovskyi, a Ukrainian coroner. “It is very difficult to find these objects inside the corpses, they are too thin. Most of these bodies come from the Bucha-Irpin region.”

Independent weapons experts, who examined the images of the metal arrows found in the bodies, confirmed to The Guardian that they were flechettes.

The Flechettes were used extensively during the First World War. According to the report, a single artillery shell can hold up to 8000 flechette darts. If they explode, arrows three to four centimeters long are released and spread over an area up to 300 meters wide and 100 meters long. In a victim’s body, the arrow can break into two parts, one of which bends into a hook, causing severe and unpredictable injuries.

Despite these devastating wounds, the use of Flechettes ammunition is not per se prohibited by international law. Human rights groups such as Amnesty International have long been fighting for a ban.

British intelligence: Russia so far without a breakthrough in eastern Ukraine

08.07: So far, Russia has made little progress in eastern Ukraine, British intelligence said Monday. Without sufficient logistical and military support, Russia has yet to take a big step forward. Furthermore, the Ukrainian defense of the port city of Mariupol has tired many Russian troops and reduced their combat effectiveness. Russia’s decision to occupy the Azovstal steel mill rather than attack it has also resulted in many Russian troops being stranded in Mariupol and unable to be deployed.

In addition, Russia has decided to draw up compensation for fallen soldiers through military and non-civilian authorities. This is interpreted as an attempt to keep the true reach of the victims secret.

Another fire in a Russian oil depot not far from the border Ukraine

3:15: A major fire broke out in a Russian oil depot near the Ukrainian border Monday night. The fire hit storage tanks in the city of Bryansk, the local civil protection agency told TASS news agency. Firefighting works were in progress. At first there were no further details. Videos posted online showed tall flames from afar. Bryansk is less than 150 kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

It was initially unknown whether the fire could be related to the war in Ukraine. In early April, Russia accused Ukraine of a fire at an oil depot in the Russian city of Belgorod. According to the Russian report, two Ukrainian helicopters fired rockets at the plant. Ukraine rejected this. Belgorod is less than 50 kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

Zelenskyy’s hometown prepares for the Russian attack

Monday April 25, 2:42 am: Kryvyi Rih, the hometown of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, is preparing for an attack by Russian troops. The Ukrainian military expects an offensive in the coming days, local military chief Oleksandr Vikul wrote on the Telegram online service on Sunday. Multilevel defense lines have been established and attempts are being made to evacuate civilians from vulnerable areas.

Thanks in part to iron ore mining, Kryvyi Rih is an important industrial center for Ukraine. The city is located north of Cherson, which was the first major city to be occupied by Russian troops at the beginning of the war. The city has been the target of missile attacks several times in recent weeks.

Consultant Zelenskyi: Russia is trying to storm the Mariupol steel plant

15:07: According to Ukrainian presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovych, Russian soldiers are trying to storm the Azovstal steel mills in the port city of Mariupol. On Facebook he reported: “Russian troops are trying to finish off Azovstal defenders and over 1000 civilians hiding in the plant.”

The Russian armed forces would have been supported by aerial bombardments and artillery fire. In reality, Russian President Vladimir Putin had ordered the attack to be abandoned and the steel mills closed. In the largely conquered port city of Mariupol, the steel mill is the last Ukrainian bastion.

Ukraine reports the reconquest of places in the Kherson region

14:11: The Ukrainian army said it had regained control of eight cities in the Cherson region of southern Ukraine. However, the Ukrainian general staff in Kiev did not provide any information on the names of the cities or their exact location in its statement on Sunday.

The Russian army had previously announced that it had captured the entire Kherson region. Ukraine fears that, as in the Donbass, independence from Ukraine could be declared there, following the example of the “People’s Republics of Luhansk and Donzek” recognized by Russia.

The staff also reported shelling a Russian military convoy near the village of Kyselivka, northwest of Kherson. “After suffering heavy losses, the enemy withdrew to Chornobaivka,” the situation report said. Kiev estimated the total daily losses of Russian troops in the Cherson region at 74 soldiers, 2 tanks, 1 rocket launcher, 6 armored vehicles and 4 drones.

In addition to the Donbass region, a Russian commander on Friday announced the whole of southern Ukraine as a conquest target. Kiev accuses Moscow of planning a “pseudo-referendum” on the creation of a “Kherson People’s Republic”. Also for this reason it is important that the Ukrainian leadership keep at least parts of the area under control.

Moscow: 951 thousand Ukrainians “transferred” to Russia

14:00: Russia may have admitted to forcibly deporting hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians. According to the Russian news agency “Interfax”, the Ministry of Defense in Moscow has announced that since the beginning of the “special military operation”, more than 951,000 Ukrainians and residents from the breakaway regions of Donetsk and Luhansk have been brought to Russia. The ministry speaks of “evacuation”. However, Ukraine accuses the Kremlin of forcibly relocating Ukrainians.

Zelenskyy accuses Russia of hiding tens of thousands of civilian killings

12:58: Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelenskyy says Russia is trying to cover up the killings of tens of thousands of civilians in Mariupol. According to the Ukrainian president, evidence has emerged that Russian troops are said to have killed tens of thousands of civilians in Mariupol.

Furthermore, Ukraine had intercepted conversations from Russian soldiers about “how they want to hide the traces of their crimes”. This information cannot be independently verified.

Not far from the southeastern Ukrainian port of Mariupol, which is besieged by Russian troops, satellite images indicate another possible mass grave. Shortly after the complete encirclement of Mariupol by Russian troops in early March, several photos appeared with the dead in mass graves, presumably from Mariupol.

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