What you should know before visiting Hassloch Holiday Park

The Holiday Park in Rhineland-Palatinate should be enriched with some attractions. A hotel in the park is also planned. What amusement park visitors can expect in the future, what major attractions are currently available and what you should know when visiting the amusement park – TRAVELBOOK has all the information.

Several new attractions and a hotel belonging to the park will be built at the Holiday Park in Hassloch in Rhineland-Palatinate. The operator intends to invest a total of € 65 million in the popular amusement park over the next three years.

New attractions planned in the Holiday Park

Among other things, a new water playground with water slides and interactive play elements is planned. Construction work for this has already begun. The inauguration is scheduled for next spring.

Furthermore, next to the main entrance, a 4000m2 swimming pool complex will be built with a wave pool, a wild water river, several children’s pools, a year-round outdoor pool and several water slides. . “The goal of the € 22.5 million investment is to make the Holiday Park a multi-day destination,” says a current press release from Holiday Park.

Another step towards development as a multi-day destination is the construction of the park’s first-owned hotel. This will be designed as a large beehive to fit the park. The operator estimates the construction costs of the hotel complex with 350 beds at 20 million euros.

5 main attractions of the Holiday Park

The Haßloch Holiday Park, which started the new season on Sunday (April 3), is not only a paradise for children, but also for adults they can have a lot of fun. Amusement park rides, (Bee-) Majaland, Wickieland, Tabaluga lawns, restaurants, an indoor playground, a beach club and more are spread over approximately 40 hectares in the amusement park. TRAVELBOOK presents 5 main attractions for young and old at the Holiday Park:

1. Mayaland

Maya the Bee not only performs in the Holiday Park Theater, but also rushes up and down the twelve-meter-high flower tower or climbs aboard the Willis Raft Ride. Visitors can also sit on the back of the Flip grasshopper and jump to explore the world of flowers.

2. GeForce shipping

The greatest adrenaline-pumping experience at Holiday Park is the Expedition GeForce roller coaster with speeds of up to 120km / h. On the 1.3 kilometer route, the train stops again and again before the chain of wagons plunges down an incline of up to 82 degrees.

3. Sky Scream Catapult Coaster

The roller coaster of the “Sky Scream” catapult uses magnetic launch technology to shoot cars back and forth three times in a row. It then travels almost vertically for 50 meters in the air before passengers are flipped over in slow motion and then run through a loop at a top speed of up to 100km / h.

4. Wickieland

In the “Wicki Splash” you ride up and down the canal in a wooden barrel (boat), after which the children can climb the Viking playground or defend Wickie’s ship with water cannons in the “Wicki Splash Battle”.

5. The roller coaster of Tabaluga

The Tabaluga dragon lives in the interior area of ​​the Holiday Park. Kids and adults alike can whiz through the cave on a roller coaster even in rainy weather.

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Holiday Park Hassloch
Holiday Park – visitor magnet in Hassloch in Rhineland-PalatinatePhoto: picture alliance / CHROMORANGE | Udo Hermann

Dine at the Holiday Park

After an exciting morning at Holiday Park, some people will likely have a rumbling stomach. Visitors to the amusement park can satisfy their hunger with hot dogs and ice cream at the beach bar, with a barbecue in the Palatinate village, with a visit to the “Schnitzelhaus” or “Sweets & Flammkuchen”.

Special events at the Holiday Park

During this year’s Easter holidays, kids can help their cartoon heroes find Easter eggs in the Holiday Park. “Jurassic Weekends” take place in May, where rangers and dinosaurs run through the park and visitors can walk a dinosaur on a leash. You can also travel back in time outside of special weekends and visit “Dino Splash”, for example. The rafting adventure takes you down the river by boat – and with a strong current past the sharp dinosaur teeth and rock walls.

At “Magic Bubble Nights” in August, the fairies conquer the amusement park and distribute their magical colored soap bubbles in all shapes and sizes. From July to mid-September, the special dog elite “Paw Patrol” protects the holiday park. The fluffy four-legged friends are ready for a daily “meet & greet”.

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Opening hours and prices

The Holiday Park is open every day from 10:00 to 18:00 during the high season from June to September and until 22:30 on special program days. From April to June, the amusement park is usually open to visitors only on weekends. The season ends November 1, 2022.

A day ticket for adults costs from € 42.50. For a short visit, the discounted afternoon ticket is valid (starting from € 32.50), valid for three hours. With the so-called Express Pass, waiting times at journeys can be significantly reduced (surcharge: € 29.99, max. 9 journeys).

Signs for the Hassloch Holiday Park

The Holiday Park (address: Holiday-Park-Str. 1-5, 67454 Haßloch) can be reached by car via the A6 / A65.

Those arriving in Haßloch by train can take the bus (line 518) directly from the train station to the Holiday Park. Buses run several times a day, but only between the end of March and November. The journey takes approximately 20 minutes.

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