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London is one of the most touristic cities in Europe. In 2019 alone, the metropolis was visited by over 40 million tourists. So it’s no wonder that all places like Big Ben, the London Eye or Buckingham Palace are teeming with curious tourists. However, if you like it a little quieter and prefer to explore the city away from the tourist spots, we will show you five of them in this article useful tips for London.

All about “Insider Tips London”:

You should know these 5 useful tips for London

There is a lot to see in London. The capital of England unites the most diverse cultures through its colonial past. Then, of course, there’s the one on top royal atmosphere of the citymainly represented by buildings such as Buckingham Palace or St. Paul’s Cathedral.

In addition to these top attractions, London has a lot more to offer. We will show you below five insider tips for London that you absolutely must have visited:

Neal’s Yard is the ultimate insider tip for London. The many colorful houses in this courtyard look absolutely inviting. Photo: Signature AzmanJaka / Getty Images via

1. Neal’s construction site

There are numerous covered markets in London, including Covent Garden Covered Market, which is located north of the River Thames and at the eastern end of the West End. This covered market is on many visitors’ wish lists. Once there, don’t miss Neal’s Yard either.

Neal’s Yard is a small and colorful courtyard with some restaurants and shops. It’s beautiful any time of the year, but Neal’s Yard is particularly well decorated around Christmas time.

The alley offers the perfect place to relax a bit after visiting some well-visited places. Here you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and let yourself be captivated by the charm of the city.

Tate Modern Art Museum
From the Tate Modern art museum you have a great view over the whole city. Photo: Francisco Martin Gonzalez / 500px / Getty Images via

2. Tate Modern Art Museum

Unfortunately, most of London’s famous rooftop bars are often completely overcrowded, which is why the view of the city itself isn’t really the best. If you want to have a good view of London and still be at the same time You want to know the art and culture of London you should rather visit the Tate Modern art museum.

Here you don’t waste time with unnecessary queues, but rather you can go straight to the sixth floor. There you will find a bistro with an exceptional viewing platform from which you can see both St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge.

The best part, however, is not that the bistro is not as well known, but that it includes the entrance to the Tate Modern Museum completely free is. The museum is also open until 10pm on Saturdays. So you can end a busy day there super relaxed with a delicious drink and most importantly with a magnificent view over London.

Francisco Martin Gonzalez / 500px
Richmond is the perfect day trip destination. Photo: Signature AzmanJaka / Getty Images via


On particularly sunny days it is better not to stay in the center. It is usually very busy here. Instead, pay a visit to the London borough of Richmond. The village lies right on the Thames in South West London and is perfect for a day trip.

In the historic center of Richmond you can visit many small shops, historic buildings and a market square. The city center offers shops or you can take a leisurely stroll along the Thames. By the way, you can do Richmond too explore perfectly by bike.

Hampstead Heath
The urban forest of Hampstead Heath offers the perfect place to relax. Photo: Anatoleya / Getty Images via

4.Hampstead Heath

The parks of the English capital are totally overcrowded, especially on hot days. So it’s best if you come and rest a little further outside London. Hampstead Heath is particularly suited to this. The city forest is located in the north of the city and teeming with green spaces and plants.

Here you can relax and recover from the hectic pace of the big city. For a particularly beautiful view over London, you should also visit the Parliament Hill viewpoint.

Bridge of the Black Friars
Blackfriars Bridge is particularly well lit at night. Photo: _ultraforma_ / Getty Images Sign via

5. Bridge of the Black Friars

In total there are 35 bridges spanning the Thames in London. None of the others are the same. However, it’s especially beautiful at Blackfriars Bridge, which connects the north side of central London with the borough of Southwark to the south.

Particularly characteristic of this bridge is the white and red paint and the two red pillars protruding from the water right next to the bridge. The latter were originally the supports of a former railway bridge.

Blackfriars Bridge is worth visiting at night or at sunset. Because here is the bridge also turned on and you can take a relaxing walk from the city center to the south side. The ideal place for a romantic evening stroll.

Bottom line: Our London insider tips have a lot to offer

Whether it’s a quiet place to relax, one with magnificent views over the whole city or a place for an idyllic sunset stroll, our insider tips on London are sure to have the right one for you.

The best part is, unlike most other attractions, you don’t have to pay a cent for any of the places mentioned. So you can enjoy the full feeling of London even for little money. Have a good time!

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