Kamp-Lintfort: Creative things from the goldsmith’s workshop

New opening in Kamp-Lintfort
Creative things from the goldsmith’s shop

Matthias Stankowiak has made a long-cherished dream come true: on Monday the master goldsmith opened his shop in Markgrafenstraße 5. “Exactly my style” is the name of the jewelry store. And this is for a reason.

The master goldsmith Matthias Stankowiak had long dreamed of having his own workshop. Now he has made his dream come true. On Monday, just in time for Valentine’s Day, the 39-year-old opened his long-awaited goldsmith shop in Kamp-Lintforter Markgrafenstraße 5. With the support of family and friends, he spent a good three months renovating the premises, once used by a butcher and later from a foot care studio, and transformed them into a laboratory with an adjoining bright and tastefully furnished sales room. “Exactly my style,” he says with a smile.

“That’s why I called my shop that, which is why I intend to design and produce very individual jewelery according to the wishes of my customers in the near future,” she explained on Monday just before the official opening at 10:00. Matthias Stankowiak initially wanted to be a physiotherapist, but then at some point he discovered the profession of goldsmith. Even then he corresponded very closely to his passion for craftsmanship.

What he found particularly exciting, however, were the creative design possibilities. This has remained the case to this day. “Doing things yourself is something very special,” she points out. So it’s no surprise that he wanted to take the champion title shortly after completing his training. For ten months he went back to school with a full-time course at the Münster handicraft center and eventually made a self-designed gold and diamond necklace as a practical test. Of course it is not salable and is safely stored in a safe, but the older copper version takes pride of place in the shop window alongside numerous old handcrafted tools and, of course, its current range of jewelry. Most of the pieces on display there and in the shop are designed and made by himself, but some are also bought. But with a lot of taste and awareness of quality.

However, its offering does not have a special focus. From gold to silver, pearls and gemstone jewelry, its range offers “something for everyone”. In addition, you can also redesign existing jewelry or have it made according to your own designs. When asked why he was opening his new business right now in these not-so-easy times, his response was straightforward: “I’ll be 40 this year. If not now, when?” His wife Anja nodded in confirmation, “I’m glad he finally made up his mind and got married.” His wife says she encouraged him to do so a long time ago.

He received the final impetus for his decision when his grandmother agreed to pay him part of his inheritance upfront, and a former employer in Mülheim offered him his jewelry customer base for sale after the business closed. With that, Matthias Stankowiak has at least a solid foundation for his new goldsmith business. However, he still does not know exactly what he will expect in the near future: “I hope many satisfied customers. We will see.”

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