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Düsseldorf (ots)

With the message of self-knowledge as the basis for a life in peace and freedom, the MTO Sufi school has been offering the teachings of Sufism to everyone in Germany for over 35 years. These teachings are open to all people seeking access to their own spirituality, regardless of cultural or religious background.

Throughout Germany, our community offers a place for meeting and implementing Sufi practices. To allow access for all, Sufi teaching sessions have been broadcast live from Germany since 2000 and in five languages, including English subtitles, around the world. Since the start of the pandemic, there have been other free offers such as Tamarkoz courses on the MTO’s social media channels.

MTO members brought Sufism to Germany as early as 1978 and since then the membership has grown steadily and a diverse student body has emerged. Many members of the school are students from childhood: in the MTO, some are born into the community and some are members of the second or third generation of the Sufi school.

Our community centers, honorary members and volunteers have been involved in Germany for over 35 years. Its activities include social initiatives for the benefit of the community, disaster relief including assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic, learning and awareness initiatives such as intercultural and interreligious dialogues, child and youth welfare, Sufi concentration and meditation (Tamarkoz®), Sufi psychology and arts and culture initiatives including Sufi zekr and music.

With the granting of public body status and associated esteem and recognition, MTO has the power to continue to enable all people to practice Sufism and spread the teachings of self-knowledge; At the same time, MTO members nationwide are encouraged to step up their social engagement for the benefit of the community and their participation in social discourse.

We Sufis are involved where we can and where it is needed. We want to continue the open dialogue and continue to shape our common future in Germany as an active part of society. This recognition gives us the social framework that we have experienced for many years and that we can now represent to the outside world to promote greater tolerance and recognition of human diversity.

MTO Shahmaghsoudi eV School of Islamic Sufism Federal Center of Düsseldorf

About MTO Shahmaghsoudi:

The Maktab Tarighat Oveyssi Shahmaghsoudi | (MTO) – School of Islamic Sufism® is a non-profit organization with over one million members worldwide. In Germany, the Sufi school has been active for over 4 decades and has community centers in Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Hanover, Stuttgart and Hamburg. The origin of the Sufi school dates back 1400 years to the founder of the school, Oveys Gharani, who lived in the time of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and was known for his spiritual connection with the prophet from whom he received his teachings .

Sufism is a system of teaching and education for people who seek self-knowledge. Religion is seen and practiced as a discipline that allows each individual here and now to lead a fulfilling, fulfilled and insightful life in peace and harmony with themselves, with people and with nature.

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