Rampage in Erfurt: schools are so safe today


Erfurt: 20 years after the killing spree, school is so safe today

A gunman kills a student in Heidelberg and commits suicide

A gunman kills a student in Heidelberg and commits suicide

A man shot and killed a student during a lecture at Heidelberg University during a rampage. The gunman wounded three other people, some seriously, with gunshots. The attacker is also dead, according to security circles he committed suicide.

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20 years ago, a former pupil of the Gutenberg-Gymnasium in Erfurt killed 16 people. Today schools are better protected from gunmen.

Erfurt. Marcel Laskus was then twelve years old and was in class 6b. He remembers being on April 26, 2002 in room 308 of the Erfurter Gutenberg Gymnasium he was standing and has just taken his jacket off the hanger. The math class was almost over when a nineteen year old looked out the door. Marcel Laskus was very lucky: the former student closed the door again.

He had come to kill but he was angry with the others victim in addition to. “I didn’t want to face him for a long time,” says Laskus, now 32, of the traumatic encounter with the mass murderer. But two decades later Fury from Erfurt his memories come back to the surface.

That day, 16 innocent people died in the Gutenberg Gymnasium. The author was a year and a half earlier from school flew, now he took his revenge. He would sneak into the building and shoot teachers in the head, back or chest in the corridors and classrooms.

Firing from a locked door, he hit two pupils mortal. Also an policeman, who wanted to face him, died from his blows. Eventually, the 19-year-old shot himself.

Erfurt’s Fury: Tighter Weapons Laws

That massacre it changed Germany forever. Until now, gun rampages were a unique phenomenon in the United States. Erfurt was the prelude to a series of similar crimes: in 2006, an 18-year-old was injured at his former secondary school in Münsterland Emsdetten several people and then took his own life. In 2009, a 17-year-old was killed in his secondary school in Swabia Winnenden 15 people and himself.

“There were repetitions,” notes Christiane Alt, then and now director of the Gutenberg-Gymnasium. “And we can’t rule out this happening again.” But after Erfurt consequences drawn down. Furies have become less likely today.

Door locks have been replaced in many schools and emergency plans have been drawn up. That gun law was aggravated: the Thuringian author owned weapons legally as a member of a fusilier club. In the year of the killing spree he became a mandatory doctor transcription introduced on the “mental attitude” of potential shooters under the age of 25, the age limits for the purchase and possession of firearms for sport shooters and hunters were raised. Authorities can now more easily check whether weapons are safely stored.

A lot has changed, not just for sharpshooters, but for patrol officers as well. Until Erfurt, the regulation applied in case of amok situations to the special task force (SEC) pending. At the Gutenberg-Gymnasium, this meant that the perpetrator was initially able to continue killing undisturbed in the school building. Today the motto is: take action instead of waiting. The strip crew, the fastest more crime scene is, so he must try to stop the gunman.

School shootings happen all the time

Another consequence is that the schools have been informed of these acts. A few years ago, when a young man jokingly threatened to commit a killing spree in the Neu-Ulm high school, his boss immediately informed the police: such warnings it is no longer taken lightly.

In many buildings there were also warning systems incorporated. However, the technical requirements still need to be improved, warns director Alt. “We are all familiar with the desolate financial situation in the education sector.” “Lone wolf without social ties”, at the university Heidelberg shot at a student. More on the topic:Fury in Heidelberg: “Students were scared to death”

Meanwhile, Marcel Laskus suspects he will never forget that day 20 years ago. Much of his life spend carefree. “However, somehow you always have it with you.”

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