Resident parking too cheap? German environmental aid calls for an increase

26/04/2022 – 16:00

At least 360 euros per year
German environmental aid calls for a drastic increase in parking spaces for residents

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360 instead of about 30 euros per year! German Environmental Aid requires higher parking rates for city residents.

In German cities, parking in front of your front door is still relatively cheap. But that may change soon. Because German environmental aid would like to significantly raise parking prices for residents.

Those who do not want to spend hours looking for a parking space in the neighboring streets in densely populated agglomerations usually rely on a parking permit for residents. But all of this could become much more expensive in the future, at least as far as German environmental aid (DUH) is concerned. Because the association calls on federal states and cities to adequately raise prices for resident parking. And not for a few euros. According to the requests of the German Environmental Aid, convenient parking in front of the front door should cost 360 euros per year.

German environmental aid calls for a significant increase in parking spaces for residents nationwide

In big cities, parking in front of the front door could become very expensive in the future. Because if the German Environmental Aid is successful, parking permits for residents should cost at least one euro a day in the future. Calculated over the course of the year, it would be 360 ​​euros – and just to park your vehicle. Environmental aid justifies its request with the fact that many states and municipalities will slow down the turnaround of mobility with parking rates that are too low. After all, huge SUVs are still allowed to provide public space in many places for eight cents a day, explains explained. A circumstance that is a thorn in the side of German environmental aid. Therefore, parking rates should be so high that people who are not dependent on their car question the ownership of the car.

Freiburg and Tübingen as models

As a prime example of Environmental aid draws on the cities of Freiburg and Tübingen for appropriate regulations. Because in Freiburg the average parking fee is around 360 euros per year. Vehicle owners of particularly large and heavy cars have to dig even deeper into their wallets at around 480 per year. In Tübingen, identity cards for residents are also not cheap. Because the city requires a 50 percent higher annual fee for particularly heavy vehicles than small cars, or 180 euros.

But the two cities are practically alone in this: according to the German Environmental Aid, many other cities such as Erfurt, Cologne and Stuttgart would not charge higher taxes despite the possibilities available. Because in mid-2020 the Bundestag and Bundesrat had overturned a national maximum limit for resident parking permits of € 30.70 per year. Since then, cities and municipalities have been able to set their own parking hours. However, according to the German Environmental Aid, most cities have not yet made use of this freedom of action.

EU comparison: Parking for residents of Germany is still relatively cheap

Even if at first glance the required rates seem quite high, parking for residents of Germany is still relatively cheap. Because people in other European countries sometimes have to pay much higher prices to park in front of their front door. According to the think tank Agora Verkehrswende, a parking permit for Stockholm residents costs around 1,300 euros per year. “The fees do not correspond to actual costs or benefits,” reads a document presented in January.


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