The global company is building a new headquarters in Gießen: a unique project in Germany is planned

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In order to improve the bearing capacity, around 400 concrete piles are currently to be driven into the ground at the former AAFES site. The resulting noise disturbs the residents, especially in Rödgen and Buseck. © Oliver Schepp

The next two tenants of the VGP park “Am Alten Flughafen” in Giessen have been determined. They are Rhenus Logistic and UPS. UPS plans in particular look attractive.

Gießen – The large construction site of the former AAFES in the former US warehouse is causing a stir, especially among the residents of the Rödgen and Grossen-Buseck districts (see at the end of the text), but what is happening to us could soon be of interest to all Germany rises. After it was learned in October that the online mail order company Zalando would move to an area of ​​the VGP Park currently under construction and operate a logistics center there, it is now also clear that the US parcel services company and UPS couriers, operating globally, in the resulting logistics park will open its first healthcare facility in Germany. “We can confirm that we are planning a new branch in Gießen, which will be dedicated to services in the healthcare sector,” said a spokesperson for the company when asked by GAZ.

UPS establishes itself with its healthcare division in Gießen: the first German office of this type

UPS’s healthcare division specializes in shipping pharmaceuticals, laboratory diagnostics, and medical equipment. Services include inventory management, warehousing and the entire order fulfillment process for medical devices for laboratories and clinical trial samples, but above all the possibility of cold chain packaging and cold chain shipping between 8 and -80 degrees Celsius. The Company believes that this segment of the courier services industry is a rapidly expanding market. By the end of 2022, the company therefore intends to offer this service on an area of ​​approximately one million square meters worldwide.

According to UPS, the Gießen facility is expected to go into operation in December 2022 and offer up to 20,000 square meters of storage space, including 2,000 square meters of cold storage and 800 square meters of freezer. There will also be an area for good manufacturing practice (GMP) and a bunker for dangerous goods.

Whether the decision to create the first German headquarters of this type in Gießen is due to the geographic proximity to the Biontech vaccine manufacturer in Marburg will probably only be answered later. “More information on the location will follow shortly,” UPS is currently postponing. On its website, however, the company describes itself as a “reliable partner for the safe delivery of Covid-19 vaccines” and claims to have delivered over 3 billion doses of the vaccine worldwide by the end of 2021. Gießen’s new branch will not replace the existing UPS branch in Ursulum and parcel distribution there.

The entire area of ​​the old Gießen airport has already been leased

The third tenant in the VGP park is also said to have been repaired. This is said to be international logistics provider Rhenus, which intends to expand its current Giessen location in Europaviertel with additional space in VGP Park. So far, however, there has been no confirmation from the company. According to VGP, the entire rental area of ​​241,396 square meters has now been commercialized at the old airport.

As part of the construction work of the VGP Park, reinforced concrete poles are currently driven into the ground as foundation elements. This has led to complaints of noise from the neighborhood, particularly from Trohe and Rödgen, in the past few days. The District of Giessen, as the building supervisor, is also the responsible building immission control authority and has addressed the issue. “Over the past week, the building supervisory authority has carried out noise orientation measurements in Rödgen, Trohe and in front of the Am Stolzenmorgen housing estate in Gießen,” says district spokesman Dirk Wingender. »No exceedance of the guideline values ​​was determined.«

In consultation with the customer, VGP Industriebau, they commissioned additional noise and vibration protection measures. Measurement reports are now available for the district. »After a first check, the values ​​for the vibration protection are satisfied. The noise measurements also indicate that the guide input values ​​are not exceeded, but leave questions unanswered. In particular, no values ​​were collected in Rödgen, “says Wingender. The authorities have therefore commissioned further measurements to be carried out by a specialized office. The values ​​are also collected in Rödgen and at the EAEH. The results should be available at early next week. “Whether further measures are needed will be clarified by early / mid next week,” says Wingender.

Giessen: The noisy stacking work could last until Easter

The Federal Emission Control Act and the General Administrative Regulations for Construction Noise Protection (AVV Baulärm) are decisive for the assessment of construction noise, which set different emission reference values. They are between 45 and 70 dB (A). For construction sites in mixed-use areas, an indicative value of 60 dB (A) must be respected. If the limit is exceeded, the authority may order noise protection measures or time limits for construction works. If the limit is significantly exceeded, the machines may be shut down.

Residents need patience as piling work will continue for eleven weeks unless restrictions are imposed. They are allowed from 7:00 to 20:00. “VGP Industriebau regrets the noise pollution, but asks the residents for their understanding,” says a statement. The work is essential to lay the foundations, but should be completed “by Easter at the latest”. Furthermore, we are in close coordination with the building inspector

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