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There is a lot to do at Europa-Park at the moment, as the park has announced that it will split with three attractions. Most likely one of these will be redesigned and two will likely disappear altogether. All this to get rid of the accusations of racism and to make room for an alleged new thematic area, as well as the big news on the roller coaster for 2023. Let’s put the facts on the table and take a look at the crystal ball.

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Michael Mack anticipates the changes of Europa-Park on Twitter

It’s almost a new tradition for the park to make special announcements via Michael Mack’s Twitter account (@Michael Mack) To publish. This is also the case earlier this year when Michael Mack tweeted that the three attractions “Jungle Raft Ride”, “Flight of Icarus” and “Traumzeit Dome” will only be open for a few more days. All with the aim of making room for future and exciting adventures. OK, let’s let that sink in before we start throwing certain speculations into the room. First a farewell look at the three attractions.

“Jungle Rafting” has long been a child problem of the park

Let’s start with the “raft ride in the jungle” in the “Adventure Land” area. This attraction opened in 1978 and was built by Mack Rides. The attraction has already existed for a few years, but this is not the reason for the closure. Europa-Park has long wanted to give the attraction a new look. Therefore, it is not true that the park wants to redesign the attraction due to the accusations of racism in recent years.

Rather, these allegations can be seen as innovation factors, so the park will now implement these plans. The accusations were leveled at the park because in some scenes blacks were portrayed in a racial way. This was due to the background story of the trip, which took up colonial history and presented it accordingly. As a result, there was criticism from all sides, which of course was justified, as this representation in no way reflected the current principles of the park.

Therefore, the plan to redesign this attraction has existed for a long time. But then the “Pirates in Batavia” fire and the COVID-19 pandemic got in the way, which means 2022 will be used to redesign this truly vast area. The vast area was originally said to be redesigned over a period of two years. But now it looks like the “Austria” theme will be completed by the start of the 2022 season. This is what Michael Mack wrote on his Twitter account:

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Will the “jungle raft trip” be integrated into the “Austria” theme? That’s how it seems!

In fan circles it was often said that the “jungle raft trip” could be assigned to the theme “Austria” and a Sissi theme could be assigned. It looks wild and in a way it is. It is difficult to imagine how this topic should be adapted to a raft trip. Even wilder is the second theory according to which it is not Sissi, but Bully Herbig’s 2007 “Lissi and the Savage Emperor”. which means he’s about to trade an old pancake.

According to the assignment to Austria, according to initial information, there should be an alpine landscape, this is conceivable in the form of a conversion of the existing tunnel. But the two Mississippi “African Queen” steamers have also been redesigned for the new theme. At the same time, the effects of the water in the lake have already been completely dismantled and will probably not return to the lake.

But now Europa-Park itself has further fueled this theory with a video posted during the ‘jungle raft trip’ trip. In the video you can find clear references to Austria. Be it a large flag of Austria, a portrait of Sissi or a chimpanzee with a crown. All these little Easter eggs give clear indications of inclusion in the “Austria” theme. But of course we also look a little beyond the adventurous horizon and would still have a parallel with the “Adventure Club of Europe”, even if this theory was completely disproved with the Onride video.

Update n. 1: Mack Media registers trademark rights for “Josefina’s Imperial Magic Journey”.

It didn’t take long for further speculation about the redesign of the jungle raft ride to emerge. Mack Media recently registered the “Josefina’s Imperial Magic Journey” trademark with the German Patent and Trademark Office. This with Nice classes 41 and 28, which means that this application can be used in an amusement park and for merchandise. But is this the new name of the “jungle raft trip”? We don’t know yet, but we can’t completely deny it.

josefinas europa park resort imperial magic travel logo
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When we researched the name and a possible connection with Sissi, we didn’t find the right answer. But if you want to take it to the extreme, the name Josefina may be a reference to Sissi’s first daughter, Sophie Friederike Dorothea Maria Josepha of Austria. Besides the fact that it was a child with many names, an allusion would have been rather unfortunate. Because the young princess died at the tender age of two.

As there are no other connections between Sissi and Josefina, we assume a whole new Mack Media story for this attraction. If so, it’s still a bit surprising that the Adventure Club of Europe isn’t mentioned at all. Because this club was originally supposed to be the link between the individual attractions of Europa-Park. Of course, the club’s history can be expanded to include a story about Josefina, but that hasn’t been the case yet. Now we have to wait and eat the apple strudel before we get more information on “Josefina’s Imperial Magic Journey”.

Update 2: “Josefina’s Imperial Magical Journey” is confirmed! Europa-Park announces further changes in “Austria”.

Here it happened! Europa-Park confirmed the suspicious name in a Facebook post. From the 2022 season, the “Jungle Raft Ride” will now become “Josefina’s Imperial Magic Journey”. The park also announced two other novelties, the “Donau Dampfer” and the “Wiener Wasser Walzer” fountain show.

Interestingly, only the first phase of the renovation will open in 2022. In 2023, “Josefina’s Imperial Magic Journey” will have new boats and other surprises.


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However, let’s take a look at the ACE

As with any new Europa-Park attraction, the focus is obviously also on the “Adventure Club of Europe”, presented in 2014 with the opening of the “Voletarium”. There is written about an expedition that revolves around the giant chimpanzees of the Congo. This expedition was led by ACE member Victoria Stanley and took the team to Congo in 1902.

There they were looking for giant monkeys, which were legends at the time. No one knew if these giant creatures really existed and a search was made. We come to the result of the expedition. Monkeys of 2 or 3 meters were found and documented accordingly. As a result, a piece of a mountain gorilla and a drawing by Victoria Stanley are now in the possession of the Adventure Club of Europe.

Basically, this topic would fit perfectly with the previous “Jungle Rafting”. But it is rather doubtful whether it will take a full year for this transformation. We also tend to the fact that the “Adventure Land” thematic area should completely disappear in the park and be connected to one of the surrounding thematic areas. These include “Austria” or “England”. This transformation offers so many possibilities for speculation that one can philosophize for hours. In any case, we are confident that Europa-Park will present an excellent solution later in the year.

Αντιο σας “The flight of Icarus” και “Dreamtime Dome”

Another attraction that will be closed is the “Flight of Icarus” in the thematic area “Greece”. This is a Chance Morgan hot air balloon ride and opened in the park in 1996. In addition to the “Flight of Icarus”, the “Traumzeit Dome” will no longer open in 2022. It was a 360 degree cinema that recently showed films by Mack Average. As announced by Michael Mack, both attractions should make room for new and exciting adventures. We assume that this will be the big news of 2023. This year, the thematic area of ​​Croatia will expand the park.

It could therefore be that in the area of ​​the “Flight of Icarus” and the “Traumzeit Dome” the entrance to the next thematic area could be created. Furthermore, we also assume that the water battle “Battle for Hydros” can leave the park. The new thematic area would therefore also incorporate the former “Always on Sunday” area and offer new exciting adventures there. If you think further, it could also be that the two attractions “The Curse of Icarus” and the “Traumzeit Dome” are simply moved in order to continue to offer fans the fun of driving.

Since the indications for possible construction projects in Europa-Park have been set, it is entirely conceivable that the often speculated thematic area, Croatia, will be directly linked to Greece. But we’ll see what the future brings.


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Update # 3: “Croatia” is confirmed!

A report from the Badische Zeitung announced that Europa-Park is building a Croatian themed area. This is what the newspaper reports in an article on the dismantling of the large satellite dish in the Russian thematic area. He says that space is needed to build the “Croatia” thematic area. Now there is only the official confirmation of the Europa-Park itself.

What do you think Europa-Park will build?

It is and will always be nice to think about changes in amusement parks or announce your own ideas. Now that we’ve revealed our rating to you, we’re interested in your opinion. What would you like to see as news at Europa-Park? How would you redesign the “Jungle Raft Ride”? Share your ideas and wishes with us in the comments.

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